VITA / PS TV GTA LCS/VCS Remastered (Dual Analog Plugin) 0.1

Use dual analog sticks in both VCS & LCS for the Vita/PSTV using TheFlow's plugin

  1. atreyu187
    GTA Remastered Controls Patch

    Put 'gta_remastered.prx' at 'ux0:pspemu/seplugins/gta_remastered.prx' and write this line to 'ux0:pspemu/seplugins/game.txt': 'ms0:/seplugins/gta_remastered.prx 1' (Without ')

    This patch has been tested for GTA LCS German V1 and GTA VCS German V1. They should work for other regions too. If not, please fix it for me.

    Note that this patch does swap R and X for driving. Now you can accelerate with R and use handbrake with X. This way, the use of the right analog stick is cooler