PS2 Guitar Fun Beta 1.5

It is a game that uses the guitar peripheral. Like Guitar Hero, but with customized songs by user.

  1. kozarovv
    Guitar Fun BETA


      • It is a game that uses the guitar peripheral (necessary), present in games like Guitar Hero, to produce an experience similar to this game but with customized songs by the user.
      • Now is supported the PAD in same way of Guitar Hero and the use of USB Keyboards (Frets On Fire Style).
      • Inspired in PC game, Frets On Fire, it shares the same song format(2-3 tracks of audio in Ogg format, one MIDI with the notes to play and one .ini file with the title/author of the song).

      You can find related pages to this PC game looking 'FOF' in Google

      • Guitar support (including the vibration bar) , PAD and USB Keyboards (you can use the left analog stick as vibration bar). It is possible to redefine keys for the keyboar (Input Options menu). Guitar support in joystick port 2 (select on Input Options as Guitar 2)
      • Reading of songs from CDROM and USB mass storage (the PSP, for example). All the USB mass storage devices don't work, because the PS2 only supports USB 1,1 and the driver is not perfect.
      • Support for pack list songs directories (with customizable pack title)
      • Support for left-handed players
      • Support for rhythm track. You can disable it when the song start (in the countdown) picking the key #5 if you have one problem
      • A special level, created it from Medium level or upper level, exits with only three keys mto play (specially indicated for non experts)
      • Training Mode with a 25% less speed to practice songs.
      • Memory card support with 128 songs scores database (if it overflows delete the most older song)
      • Rhythm for Single Player.
      • Multiplayer modes: Guitar Battle (guitar vs guitar) y Cooperative (guitar and bass)
      • Support for two USB keyboards (customizable) for Multiplayer mode.
      • Pendrive compatibility upgraded.
      • MIDI interpreter upgraded

    • The program needs 65KB of free space in the Memory Card to install the icon and the data base with the scores.
      If some error takes during the writing of data, perhaps it is because there is no sufficient space in the Memory Card.

      The video mode tries to adjust of automatic form. In PSTWO models the detection will look in the Memory Card
      for a system folder in order to determine if it is a PAL console.
      Anyway, in the main screen, if you pressing SELECT button you will change the video mode of manual form.

    • The songs, usually are within a folder, because they have several files (if it is not thus, you must create one).

      The program will look for a folder of “songs” name in the root directory and within that folder “songs” will look for the songs folders to analyze the content.

      This is equal for USB and CDROM devices but I want to call the attention about special or stranger characters (upper 127 ASCII) because the PS2 could enter in shock XD

      Since the beta 1.2, it is possible to create packs of songs using this method:

      • Put in the "songs" folder other folder with a name starting with "pack" (for example, "pack-favorites")
      • Put your songs in this new folder.
      • So, the songs are displayed using a separator with the same name of the folder (pack*****") or if a "title.txt" file exists inside the "pack***" folder, the text content is used to display the pack title (max 31 chars)
      • The songs are ordered in alphabetic form using the song name present in song.ini and the packs too are ordered using the folder name or de content of title.txt
      An example:

      | |
      | |-- title.txt ->"1- Favorites Songs"
      | |
      | |-- Judas Priest- Breaking The Law
      | | |
      | | |-song.ini -> "name a) Breaking the Law"
      | | |....
      | |-- Ozzy Osbourne- Bark On The Moon
      | | |
      | | |-song,ini -> "name b) Bark On The Moon"
      | |.....
      |-- title.txt ->"2- Other Songs"

      In the PS2:

      1- Favorites Songs
      a) Breaking The Law
      b) Bark On The Moon
      2- Other Songs

      • Folders Supported: 255 folders per level
      • Songs supported: 512 songs

      • Uses Cdgenps2.exe (if you use Linux, it works under Wine) to create an image to record. You must introduce the file SYSTEM.CNF at first, click in the name with the right mouse button and select “Edit” option .
      • Click in the “Fix LBA” square and change to 12231 LB and press OK finally.
      • Add GUITARF.ELF file
      • Add SONGS folder (if you want) that it must contain the directories with the different songs
      • Press “IMG” icon and save it as BIN Files. The program will create a .CUE and .BIN flies with the CDROM image
      • Record the CDROM image using the CUE with Alcohol 120% or similar program.

    • Ask to Guitar Hero, hehehe. If you press the notes without failing, the multiplier increase the value and you obtain more points. The right indicator is used to know if you are good or bad guitarist , but it is used as
      multiplier too. When two notes is very near appears on or various notes with an upper point at same note color.
      It indicate that you can touch the note pressing the button with the same color only.

      Since the BETA 1.2, you can ple with "Star Notes". If you complete the sequence you obtain a bonus of 5000 points

      How pause the game?

      • Press GREEN+RED+YELLOW+BLUE and START -> Using The Guitar as input.
      • Press START -> Using the Dual Shock as input.
      • Key ESC -> Using a keyboard as Input.

    • It is a divider that controls the sound mix samples in both tracks of audio (guitar.ogg and song.ogg)

      Some songs tend to distort when de samples are mixed and you can fix the divider to "2" to avoid this problem.

    • In principle, I have mucho work that to do because this is a premature BETA, but due to bad experiences in the past (PS2Reality Mediaplayer..) where non respectful people failed to fulfill the license terms of the program, etc, I believe that the ball is in the tile roof of others: you respect to me and my licenses (that they try to preserve the particular licenses of other code pieces too) and I will not have problems to sharing the source code of this program, when i consider it appropriate...
      I do not have anything to lose, because for me the programming is a hobby, like for others to play the chess, that I do in my free time and whose work, I like to share (if the appropriate conditions occur).
      If some guy are interesting to contribute in this program, he can contact with me from Development forums in
      Greets and enjoy the program:)
      Translated using Google (half Google, half me :D) . Sorry if you don´t understand some parts. //Hermes

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    Guitar Fun BETA 1.5 (c) 2007 Hermes /