PS3 HAN Toolbox Unofficial 0.8.1

The [Double] Unofficial Xploit 3.0 Companion!

  1. DADi590
    HAN Toolbox Unofficial

    Note: To see what the next version might have, see this link: I always write there what's coming and I keep updating it, so I don't forget what needs to be done and others can possibly see and say something in case they don't agree or have a better idea.

    NOTE 2: Install the toolbox by enabling HAN. I have the Debug (and the HAN, of course) version on GitHub. If you'd want it for any reason, just go there or go to Extra Info here and both links are there.

    Note 3: If anyone wants, the official toolbox is here:, in case it's needed or something.


    Hi everyone.

    I didn't have much to do, and I still use HAN (I've CFW in another PS3, so I don't really need HEN), so I wanted to update HAN Toolbox, since I read it will no longer be updated. In this release, I added support for HAN main functions from OFW/HFW/CFW 4.81 to 4.85, both CEX and DEX, and all offline. Added an option for Offline Hard Rebooter too, and renamed all the options that are offline to have "Offline" in the beggining. I thought in making functions offline, but seeing what has been wrote to make the functions offline, I don't have the time to do it (nor the motivation, since I don't even think many will use this, because of the existance of HEN).

    UPDATE: As I asked Google to do parts for me haha, the toolbox will be made 100% offline. And it'll take months to release that version, since my holidays will end today... The filter is no longer a problem, now the problem seems to be the stability, which is hard to get on offline exploit pages... If anyone would like to say something about this, just say in the Discussion. A version with online features will also be provided in case the offline ones don't work correctly (stability).

    Anyways, hope you enjoy it. It's not supposed to have any bugs, but if it does, just tell me and I'll fix them (if I know how to fix them haha).

    For anyone wanting this on CFW. Try installing it normally as it's done on OFW. If it doesn't show up, you need either to edit category_game.xml for the PS3 to know it has to load HAN Toolbox or you need to install HAN on it (if you're on 4.84 or newer, only Rebug can have HAN installed - unless you copy the silk_webkit.sprx from any 4.82 FW to your current CFW).

    3 notes:
    - Only English available (if anyone wants to translate it, just tell me);
    - I didn't test this in all firmwares. Only on OFW 4.82 and HFW 4.85 by another person (both, only on CEX, but DEX should be working too), and it worked on both;
    - Offline Soft Rebooter takes ages to complete, while Offline Hard Rebooter takes about 10 seconds. No idea why, as I just changed a value (and a variable name) to convert from Soft Rebooter to Hard Rebooter.

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  1. zKeraTz
    Version: 0.8.1
    Muy bueno. Gracias.

    Very good. Thanks.
    1. DADi590
      Author's Response

      Thank you!
  2. DeViL303
    Version: 0.8.1
    Nice work!
    1. DADi590