PS3 HAN Toolbox v0.7.1

The Unofficial Xploit Companion!

  1. HAN Toolbox v0.6.2

    Minor update.
    • File copier updated - by @Imn7. Details here.
    • New languages available:
      -Chinese (Simplified) - translation by @Ding xiansheng
      -French - translation by ShaolinAssassin
      -Portuguese (Brazil) - translation by @Caio99BR
      -Polish - translation by @NiHuShu
      -Russian - translation by @in1975
      -Turkish - translation by @kemalsanli
    • NoPSN Apps :
      -DirecTV NFL (Retail) (US) added
      -Funinmation (Retail) (US) added
      -Netflix (Retail) (EU + JP + US) added
      -MLB. TV (v2.95 with adds) (US) added
      -NBA Game Time (Retail) (US) added
      -PlayStation Store (all versions) removed
      -Popcornflix (all versions) installation fixed

    Notes :
    -To install languages : go to Advanced Menu > Toolbox Settings > Multi lang support > Install > Process the 3 steps here. You can read the lang available from the XMB.
    -If you already installed Spanish last time, do not update using the main Update button, update using the patch lang PKG at step 3 of the lang installation - or you will loose Spanish. :eek:
    -If you also had installed the lang ressource for the Resource PKG, you need to update the lang patch PKG for the Resource PKG (step 2 of the Resource PKG install process) - or you won't be able to download the external stuff content. :eek:
    Yeah, Toolbox is like a puzzle... :confused::oops:

    Enjoy ! :cool:
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