PS3 HAN Toolbox v0.7.1

The Unofficial Xploit Companion!

  1. HAN Toolbox v0.7

    Following the HFW released, here is an update for HAN Toolbox :)

    -Offline Rebooter, HAN Enabler, Debug PKG Enabler updated to also support 4.84 - thanks to Imn7
    -Offline 4.84 File Copier added - thanks to Imn7
    -Offline Temperature Reader & Database Rebuilder (4.82/4.84) added - thanks to Imn7
    -PS3Xploit Basic tools urls updated (not auto though) - 4.81-4.84 OFW/CFW/HFW Firmware supported and working (site updated)
    -PS3Xploit Extra tools urls updated (site not updated yet to support 4.81-4.84 OFW/CFW/HFW Firmware - be patient)
    -Coldboot/Font/Wave Downloaders added to External download section - thanks to 0_obeWAN for the resources
    -Multi-language and DEX support disabled ATM
    -Misc other stuff

    I changed the internal structure of Toolbox for the Resources, so please download the HAN Toolbox Resources again. Soon you will be able to get each downloader individually... :)

    Thanks to the PS3Xploit team, to Joonie, to Imn7 and everyone involved etc...
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