PS2 HDLGameInstaller 0.821 (09\12\2018)

Game installer that allows the user to install PlayStation 2 games onto the installed Harddisk Drive

  1. HDLGameInstaller v0.821 (08\12\2018) released!

    HDLGameInstaller v0.821 (08\12\2018) released!

    Changelog for v0.821 (08\12\2018):
    • Disabled pad input when a PC client is connected, to improve performance.
    • Network status will be displayed when a PC client is connected, every 10s.
    Changelog for the PC client:
    • Increased data connection timeout to 80s, to allow the server's connection attempts to be exhausted before the PC client indicates an error.
    • Added a prompt to delete the game if it was already installed, when the user adds a game to install.
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