PS2 HDLGameInstaller 0.821 (09\12\2018)

Game installer that allows the user to install PlayStation 2 games onto the installed Harddisk Drive

  1. Updated Download Link

    Updated Download link to new site.
  2. HDLGameInstaller v0.821 (09\12\2018) re-released!

    HDLGameInstaller v0.821 (09\12\2018) re-released!

    Changelog for v0.821 (09\12\2018):
    • Fixed the problem with the soft keyboard not waiting for the circle/cross button to be released before considering the user's intended input.
  3. HDLGameInstaller v0.821 (08\12\2018) released!

    HDLGameInstaller v0.821 (08\12\2018) released!

    Changelog for v0.821 (08\12\2018):
    • Disabled pad input when a PC client is connected, to improve performance.
    • Network status will be displayed when a PC client is connected, every 10s.
    Changelog for the PC client:
    • Increased data connection timeout to 80s, to allow the server's connection attempts to be exhausted before the PC client indicates an error.
    • Added a prompt to delete the game if it was already...
  4. HDLGameInstaller v0.820 (28\11\2018) re-released!

    HDLGameInstaller v0.820 (28\11\2018) re-released!

    Changelog for v0.820 (28\11\2018):
    • Fixed incorrect logic for handling disc types.
  5. HDLGameInstaller v0.820 (25\11\2018) re-released!

    HDLGameInstaller v0.820 (25\11\2018) re-released!

    Changelog for v0.820 (25\11\2018):
    • Fixed the problem with semaphores not being freed when the client disconnects.
    • Fixed the problem with PlayStation discs being accepted as valid discs.
    • Fixed the problem with the error message for unsupported discs not getting displayed.
  6. HDLGameInstaller v0.820 (24\11\2018) released!

    HDLGameInstaller v0.820 (24\11\2018) released!

    Changelog for v0.820
    • PS2SDK update: fixed timeouts causing an overflow of the SetAlarm tick parameter.
    • Reordered code for disconnecting clients, to prevent the possibility of disconnecting a new client that reuses the same client slot.
    Changelog for the PC client
    • Attempted to fix the problem with compatibility settings not binding at installation time.
    • Added timeout for the data connection, to prevent...
  7. HDLGameInstaller v0.819 (18\11\2018) re-released!

    HDLGameInstaller v0.819 (18\11\2018) re-released!

    Changelog for 0.819 (18\11\2018):
    • Game list will now be loaded once during bootup, to reduce the time taken for the first connection.
    • Attempted to make the data connection close gracefully regardless of the OS used, with all data successfully sent and received by the other end.
    Changelog for the PC client (18\11\2018)
    • Attempted to make the data connection close...
  8. HDLGameInstaller v0.819 (17\11\2018) released!

    Changelog for 0.819 (17\11\2018):
    • Fixed the problem of the server getting stuck due to the close command being processed before all data is written, when a game is closed after installation.
    • Network support is now initialized earlier and its status checked later, for faster bootup times.
    • Fixed the design problem that allowed the remote client to access the game list while it is being updated at boot.
    • Font widths are now cached under the glyph atlas, to potentially...
  9. HDLGameInstaller v0.818 (05\11\2018) released!

    Changelog for 0.818 (05\11\2018):
    • Updated USBHDFSD - improved compatibility with disks that have no partition table.
  10. HDLGameInstaller v0.818 (28\10\2018) released!

    HDLGameInstaller v0.818 released!

    • Fixed hang at boot and when settings are changed, if Ethernet link settings were set.
    • Fixed saving of settings, when booting from the HDD unit.
    • Reading & writing to the HDD will be grouped, to improve performance.
    • Moved updating of game list to when the connection is closed/lost, to improve on waiting times between installations.
    • Fixed crash when the game list is updated after the connection is closed, due to the menu...