PSP HTML Max v4 (Netfront Internet Browser) 2016-08-22

Netfront Internet Browser (High Memory Mod) -Team P86

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    Netfront Internet Browser (High Memory Mod)
    -By Team P86​

    • You know, Sony limits our memory in Internet Browser.
      So we cannot play big flash games and open big web sites.
      This Mod removes this limitation.
      And you can use all of the memory that your PSP has.
      If your PSP is Fat, the HighMemMod uses all of 32 MB RAM.
      If your PSP is Slim, the HighMemMod uses all of 64 MB RAM.

    • Beta 4
      -Annoying prompt was removed.
      -HEN support was added(Also PSP-3000 support)
      -The theme was changed(EBOOT music, background etc...)
      --We won't remove music etc. because they don't matter...
      -It is more stable.
      -Password Protected Version is added...
      Beta 3
      -The new logo was added(Thanks, Lelouch15)
      -The speed on Slim was increased(%200).
      --There is a bug which the mod didn't use UMD Cache and it used the same memory part with Fat... Fixed...
      -The mouse lag was fixed on Slim(Sometimes it may lag).
      -Etc. Etc.
      Beta 2
      -Selection of the destination directory problem is now fixed.
      -Used memory is always max.(Not Automatic).
      -Now it shows at startup the max memory which is used.
      -The code is cleaned.
      -New interface at startup and exit.
      -Added a music and good theme to EBOOT(Thanks to Mazide).
      -EBOOT is now smaller(Thanks to Mazide).
      -You can quit the browser from HOME button.
      -"Free RAM/Reset" func. added. This func. cleans all of RAM which is used.(At the exit dialog/Circle)

      -Optimized for speed.

      -First release.

    • [​IMG]

    • -Dark-Alex for his ramtestsample (Large Memory)

      -PSPSDK creators (SDK, DEV and samples)

      -JK108 & Lelouch15 for their support and test (They are my testers)

      -Mazide for the good theme (EBOOT).

      -Lelouch15 for the new logo