PSP HUD 2.02 2016-08-22

HUD 2.02 (Heads Up Display for PSP) -codestation, darko79

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by codestation, darko79

    • A Heads-Up-Display plugin for not only your XMB, but in-game as well.

      This plugin displays some basic info right on your PSP screen:

      - FPS
      - CPU/BUS speed and CPU usage
      - notification on CPU speed change
      - battery status (percent and time left)
      - local time

      Besides displaying info on screen, this plugin can:
      - change cpu speed
      - take a screenshot

    • August, 31st 2008. v2.02
      - changed option 'SHOW HUD', besides switching off HUD display it is used to switch between display methods
      - new every info part has it's own custom position
      - moving analog stick in menu, when positioned on FPS,CPU,BATTERY or TIME, will automatically switch that item to custom position

      August, 31st 2008. v2.01
      - fixed a bug that caused a crashing when exiting a homebrew
      - screenshots are placed in ms0:/PICTURE/ folder
      - added french lanuguage (thanks to Mizou93)

      August, 30th 2008. v2.0
      - new drawing method to reduce flickering (thanks to Raphael for suggestion)
      - when in options keys are disabled for background process
      - to reduce memory usade languages are not stored in memory and are loaded on overy language change (this is causing slow language change)
      - cpu and bus speed are joined in one option
      - show time option is expanded with more formats (24h, 12h)
      - alignment is no longer unique for all options, now every option can have different alignment
      - order of displayed items can be changed (useful when displaying multiple options in one place)
      - new option: display fps
      - new option: cpu speed notification, if on, when cpu speed changes old speed and new speed will be shown for a few seconds and will be blinking
      - new option: cpu speed changer for xmb/game/pops, when set it will monitor cpu speed continouosly and adjust it to specified speed when it is different than specified
      - new option: take a screenshot without hud info

      January, 18th 2008. v1.31
      - updated for 3.80M33-4 (actually droped previously used NIDs for 3.71 and now using NIDs from pspsdk)
      - new translations: german (two translations), dutch, italian, spanish, polish and turkish

      I won't be accepting any more translations and I'm planing to drop translations for future versions (it's easier for me).

      January, 10th 2008. v1.3
      - added language menu option
      - added serbian and french language (thanks to Mizou93 for french translation)

      January, 7th 2008. v1.22
      - fixed cpu usage display

      January, 6th 2008. v1.21
      - slightly improved display

      January, 5th 2008. v1.2
      - buttons for menu and HUD are configurable within configuration menu
      - add custom alignment (adjust with analog)

      January, 4th 2008. v1.1
      - added cpu usage and bus speed
      - menu is now accessed with NOTE+LTRIG
      - toggle HUD with NOTE+RTRIG
      - redesigned menu selection (looks nice now)

      January, 4th 2008. v1.0
      - initial version

    • - NOTE+LTRIG to access configuration menu.

      - NOTE+RTRIG to turn HUD off and change between display methods...
      (this will only change method currently, it will not be saved, to save it you must enter menu).

      - NOTE+UP to take a screenshot