PS2 Ifcaro's Tetris for PlayStation 2 1.3b

Tetris written from scratch by Ifcaro.

  1. kozarovv
    Ifcaro's Tetris for PlayStation 2


    • Hi, I present to you the first game that I'm done. A few days ago I had the idea of writing a tetris from scratch, and I have done. First I did for the PC and then port to the PS2.

    • - Left and Right: move the piece
      - Down: Download the fastest piece
      - Up: Download the piece even faster
      - Cross: Rotate piece
      - Start: Pause
      - Select: Turn on/off music
    • Ifcaro's Tetris for PlayStation 2 ChangeLog:

      Version 1.3b
      - Back to freesd. :D thanks lukasz
      - Now it should run on the ps3 without the need of psxloader

      Version 1.3
      - Fixed bug in the level 10.
      - Now the top button makes the piece to fall suddenly.
      - Added the possibility of personalized music from a usb.

      Version 1.2
      - Back to LIBSD.
      - Added Sound Effects
      - Fixed compatibility issues with booting from a memory card and usb

      Version 1.1
      - Changed the modules Padma, sio2man, libsd by freepad, freesio2 and freesd.

      Version 1.0
      - Initial version

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