PS3 Image2GVD for Vista and newer

It generates a GVD file used for PlayView on the PlayStation3 and possibly other devices.

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    • Here is an application requested by Ada and maybe a few other on IRC. At first I didn't want to do it since I am lazy and didn't know anything about it. After they linked me to the page I thought I can do this though I cant test etc. I eventually started it and here is the completed app (though I personally never tested but Ada has tested and says its working). It generates a GVD file used for PlayView on the PlayStation3 and possibly other devices.

      PS: Thanks Ada for explaining the GVD structure etc.

    • Usage:

      • Normally run the executable and follow onscreen or Drag image into CMD when asked.
      • Running the application and the image as argument also works
      • Generated GVD will be created in the same directory as the source image.
      • Images must be 3840x2160 for now, might make custom later.
      • As always if you have problems or suggesting please leave a comment.

    • Using "ultra- high resolution (4K) digital data", PSP or PS3 will display the images smoothly. It can be compatible 3D and PS Move (At CEDEC 2010, Teiji Yutaka demonstrated PlayView using the PlayStation Move controller in real time to increase and reduce the size of a still image of a park consisting of over 3 billion pixels) +EYE Camera on PS3 and can packed with other extra content(themes, DLC).

      Most of the time, each full screen page display is equivalent to 2 paper pages of an art book/game manual but other display have been release (Gran Tourismo PlayView: long highway road, with zoom you reach other visual content).

      Specific background music or sound and videos per page can be apply.
      There are various kind of content (guide book, sexy content, stand alone games) for PS3 and PSP (Some games titles are present in both category). However, it work on the same way (with specific encryption/security, resolution/more sub element such sound channel etc...)

      Much more info on:

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