PSP Intellivision- pspINT 1.1.0 2016-08-22

Intellivision- pspINT 1.1.0 -zx-81 & DrNicket

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by zx-81 & DrNicket

    • Intellivision emulator for the PSP.


      If you want to load rom image in your emulator, you
      have to put your rom file (with .zip, .rom, .int,
      .itv or .bin file extension) on your PSP memory stick
      in the 'rom' directory.

      Then, while inside Jzintv emulator, just press SELECT
      to enter in the emulator main menu, and then using
      the file selector choose one rom file to load in your

      Back to the emulator window, the rom should started

    • [​IMG]

    • Jzintv is an emulator of the Intellivision videogame
      system running on many systems such as Linux, Unix,
      Windows and MacOS. It has been written by Joseph
      Zbiciak, see
      for further informations.

      PSPInt is a port on PSP of the version 20051204 of

      First, i would like to thanks DrNicket, for his help
      and support. Without him, this port would never have
      been what it is today.