PS3 IRISMAN v4.81.1

An excellent backup manager for the PS3 (CFW) by Aldostools (fork of Iris Manager)

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      by @aldostools

      This project is a fork of Iris Manager originally created by Estwald and D_Skywalk, and modified by aldostools (& at times updated and contributed by other devs, including Joonie, Alexander and various other cotributors.). IRISMAN includes almost all the features of the original backup manager and adds a tons of functionality whole keepng the "IRIS" project to date the following main features among many others can be seen in the next tab:

      • Extended the support to several CFW up to version 4.81.
      • Changed Sk1e payload to use syscall 38 instead of syscall 8, to avoid conflict with Cobra/MAMBA and legacy apps that use syscall 8.
      • Remapped the buttons to XMB / multiMAN style.
      • Added support for PSP games.
      • Added support retro games (RetroArch has to be installed).
      • Direct launch of multimedia files (Requires SHOWTIME.SELF from multiMAN).
      • Various GUI modes with modifications (XMB-like, coverflow with a bigger image, grid modes from 3x2 up to 8x6)
      • Added option to filter game lists by category, device and name.
      • Support background images from PIC0 and ICON0.
      • Support MP3 as background music and play from File Manager.
      • Several optimizations to File Manager and Hex editor.
      • External Mamba payload files.
      • Support for spoof IDPS and PSID.
      • Access to internet browser.
      • Various tweaks to the GUI.
      • Various tweaks to sm_monitor (aka fan controller).
      • Improved speed of ISO builder.
      • Reformatted style of coding.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Xx11xx22xX
    Version: v4.81.1
    My favorite app to mount my game backups on my internal HDD! Thank you for this wonderful tool.
  2. rocknard
    Version: v4.81.1
    Thanks for update this manager.