An excellent backup manager for the PS3 (CFW) by Aldostools (fork of Iris Manager)

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      by @aldostools

      This project is a fork of Iris Manager originally created by Estwald and D_Skywalk, and modified to extend many new features by aldostools (& at times updated and contributed by other devs, including Joonie, Alexander and various other cotributors.). IRISMAN includes almost all the features of the original backup manager and adds a ton of new functionality whole keeping the "IRIS" project to date the following main features among many others can be seen below:
      • Extended the support to several CFW up to version 4.84.
      • Changed Sk1e payload to use syscall 38 instead of syscall 8, to avoid conflict with Cobra/MAMBA and legacy apps that use syscall 8.
      • Remapped the buttons to XMB / multiMAN style.
      • Added support for PSP games.
      • Added support retro games (RetroArch has to be installed).
      • Direct launch of multimedia files (Requires SHOWTIME.SELF from multiMAN).
      • Various GUI modes with modifications (XMB-like, coverflow with a bigger image, grid modes from 3x2 up to 8x6)
      • Added option to filter game lists by category, device and name.
      • Support background images from PIC0 and ICON0.
      • Support MP3 as background music and play from File Manager.
      • Several optimizations to File Manager and Hex editor.
      • External Mamba payload files.
      • Support for spoof IDPS and PSID.
      • Access to internet browser.
      • Various tweaks to the GUI.
      • Various tweaks to sm_monitor (aka fan controller).
      • Improved speed of ISO builder.
      • Reformatted style of coding.

    • Latest Changes can be seen >> here <<​

      IRISMAN 4.84
      • Added support for 4.83 CEX and 4.84 CEX (Thanks to Cypher_CG89 for the help compiling the binary)
      IRISMAN 4.82.1
      • Added support for 4.82 DEX / DECR
      IRISMAN 4.82
      • Added support for 4.82 CEX
      IRISMAN 4.81.1
      • Added support for 4.81 DEX
      IRISMAN 4.81.0
      • Added support for 4.81 (Mamba 3.x uses file hashes from 4.81 Ferrox Cobra)
      IRISMAN 4.80.0
      • - Added support for Mamba 3.x (thanks to PS3ITA)
      • - Implemented PRX Mamba Loader into IRISMAN
      • - Added load Mamba through PRX Loader payload.
      • - Added support to load Mamba uncompressed.
      • - Added display of payload version in Global menu
      • - webMAN now is auto-loaded with IRISMAN (the path of the plugin is set in settings.ini)
      • - Added display of CPU/RSX temperatures in File Manager
      • - Fixed various issues listing games.
      • - Changed version to match latest supported CFW version (like in multiMAN)
      IRISMAN 3.50.10 [4.80]
      • - Added support for custom firmware 4.80 CEX/DEX (Thanks to Joonie86)
      • - Fixed the option that restore the settings in Fan Controller (6/16/16)
      • - Fixed regression loading ISO from ntfs drive (9/13/16)
      • - Added Danish translation (thanks to Assassins) (9/16/16)

      IRISMAN 3.50.10
      • - Reverted MAMBA payload to the version used in 3.50.8
      • (the new version was causing a black screen that I should investigate)
      • - Added support for 4.78DEH (no mamba yet) Thanks to Joonie for the payload
      IRISMAN 3.50.9
      • - Updated MAMBA with latest build from Rancid-O (which adds support for PS2ISO)
      • - Enabled launch PS2ISO* on Mamba mode
      • - Small optimization in ISO builder
      * Requires to have installed the patched PS2 emulators (MAMBA PRX Loader 3.0.0)

      IRISMAN 3.50.8
      • - Added support for 4.78 CEX & 4.78 DEX
      IRISMAN 3.50.7
      • - Fan control is now enabled if fan payload is not applied (e.g. webMAN is not loaded)
      • - Added new SM SPRX from Iris Manager 2.96 by Estwald
      • - Added fix to ISO build from Iris Manager 2.95 by Estwald
      • - Fixed regression in delete directory
      • - SM Monitor now display the system stats (fan speed, temperature, free memory, free space on HDD)
      • * Hold SELECT+L2 on XMB to toggle persistent display of system stats:
      • * 1 beep = Enabled, 2 beeps = Disabled
      IRISMAN 3.50.6
      • - Fixed a regression in Build ISO
      • - Fixed the payload 4.60 DEX (fixed by @Joonie )
      • - Added support for start the manager playing MP3/OGG (dec/4)
      IRISMAN 3.50.5
      • - Fixed a freeze listing games with NP title id (caused by an old debug code)
      • - Added support to play MP3/OGG files from File Manager
      • - Added support to play up to 100 MP3/OGG/MOD files as background music in Setup Menu
      • Put the files in /dev_hdd0/game/IRISMAN00/USRDIR/music/ as music1.mp3, music2.mod, music3.ogg, etc.
      • - File Manager now remembers the last used folders
      IRISMAN 3.50.4
      • - Fixed new PS3MAPI opcodes for peek/poke LV2. (Not used by IRISMAN)
      IRISMAN 3.50.3
      • - Added support for new cores in RetroArch 1.2.2 Unofficial Beta 1.3
      • - Updated mamba with new opcodes for PS3MAPI that allow peek/poke lv1/lv2 through syscall 8 (to keep access to peek/poke while syscalls are disabled) and extended protection of detection of syscall 8 adding a security key that allow access to syscall 8 only by an authorized process when syscalls are partially-disabled.
      IRISMAN 3.50.2
      • - Added auto-play after mount (requires webMAN MOD running)
      • - Fixed: Mamba was being detected as Cobra when sk1e payload was moved to syscall38
      IRISMAN 3.50.1
      • - Backup game disc now ignores the whole PS3_UPDATE folder
      IRISMAN 3.50
      • - Improved support for BD Mirror on Cobra/Mamba
      • - Added support to unmount games mounted by webMAN
      • - sk1e payload now uses syscall 38 to avoid conflicts with Mamba/Cobra syscall 8
      • - Updated Mamba to add back the Cobra PSX emulation and extended lv1 peeks
      • - Now the GUI can be controlled by multiple game pads (instead of the first connected)


      Changelog 3.38 (Jan 6/2015)
      • Removed the reset USB bus introduced in 3.37 (it was causing conflicts and delays)
      • Updated mamba payloads with the newest versions from PS3 Manager 1.1.1 by _NzV_
      Changelog 3.37 (Jan 4/2015)
      • Updated the patches by deank for 4.65/4.66 (fix errors 80010017/8001002B/ignore LIC.DAT/proper anti-ODE patch).
      • Added reset USB bus for usb games launched on Cobra/Mamba (thanks to deank)
      Changelog 3.36 (Jan 2/2015)
      • Added Mamba with PS3 Manager API 1.0.2 by _NzV_ (CEX Only)
      • Added PRX Loader modded by _NzV_ (extended support for more CFW versions)
      • Updated with SHOWTIME 4.09.021 (mod by deank)
      • Added new patch by deank for 4.65/4.66 (fix errors 80010017/8001002B).
      • Disabled patches by habib for 4.65/4.66.
      • If SHOWTIME.SELF does not exist, a shadow copy is obtained from multiMAN's folder
      Changelog 3.35 (Dec 21-2014)
      • Improved integration with webMAN
      • Fixed a freeze issue due excesive memory usage during the creation of cache files for webman). If you use webMAN with ISO or ntfs, you should try it with the new webMAN MOD 1.34.06.
      Changelog 3.33 (Nov 19/2014)
      • Added detection of cfw 4.66
      • Updated allowed firmware version in game fix (iso and jb folders)
      • Updated version/revision in fw version spoofer (cobra only)
      • Removed some lv2 patches formerly enabled by default on cfw 4.65-4.66 (suggested by Joonie)
      • (the old patches can be enabled via settings.ini)
      Changelog 3.32 (Nov 10/2014)
      • Fixed bug accessing the Options menu on PSX games (fixed also for RetroXMB)
      Changelog 3.31 (Oct 30/2014)
      • Added support for 4.65 DEX / 4.65.1 rebug rex (thanks to Joonie)
      Changelog 3.30+ (Sep 28/2014)
      • Increased size* of selected icon on Coverflow *Size is configurable via settings.ini. Example: CoverflowSize = 5
      • Added Habib's boot speedup patch on 4.60/4.65 (performance increase is barely noticeable)
      Changelog 3.30 (Sep 17/2014)
      • Fixed a bug accessing the some ISO menus when display of PIC1 as background is disabled
      • Added option to load the old anti-ODE patch by habib (like it was before 3.25+)
        • For this, change habib_patch = 2 to 3 on settings.ini :
        • 0=disabled
        • 1=new patch
        • 2=new patch except 4.65 Habib Cobra,
        • 3=old patch
      Changelog 3.29 (Sep 15/2014)
      • Game Options now loads faster and looks better (The PIC1.PNG is not longer displayed by default as the background picture. It caused delays and memory issues. It can be re-enabled via settings.ini)
      • Added support to use any JPG/PNG image as background picture (Browse to the image in File Manager, press X to view it in full screen and press SQUARE to set it as background picture)
      • Added option to display covers with/without box (SELECT+SQUARE)
      • Added support for lastGAME SS [NPEA00374]
      • Added 4.6x Cobra detection to avoid ODE patches on Habib’s CFW
      Changelog 3.28 (Sep 12/2014)
      • Added Finnish language (thanks to jisola)
      • Added support for multiMAN's lastGAME and IRIMAN's LastPlay
      • Fixed freeze issue after unmount a ntfs device on File Manager using SELECT+SQUARE
      • New mounted ntfs devices are now listed on File Manager
      • Fixed last selected game when the item is on a ntfs device
      Changelog 3.27 (Sep 8/2014)
      • Fixed the new drm patch by Habib for 4.6x (it had a typo: a missing 01 in the patch) (Includes the fix error 0x8001002B, same as 3.25+. I removed it in 3.26, but the black screens returned)
      • Fixed the offset for the lv2 Memory Protection on 4.60/4.65 and now it's enabled by default.
      • Reverted the payload_460.c: Removed the fix_error function due I found it more difficult to port for future versions
      Changelog 3.25+ (Sep 6/2014)
      • Removed the debug message (left by mistake) that showed "failed" when an ISO was mounted
      • Updated the patch to fix error 17 on 4.60/4.65 with the new patch by Habib
      Changelog 3.25 (Sep 5/2014)
      • Fixed a regression that prevented launch movies when global BD-Mirror was enabled.
      • Added support for BDISO on non-Cobra CFW (using mamba)
      Changelog 3.24+ (Aug 30/2014)
      • Added anti-ODE patches by Habib (ported from 4.60 to 4.65) (It seems to fix the black screen on some games in JB format when BD Mirror is enabled)
      • Fixed a bug in File Manager always returning 0 MB free for /dev_blind (preventing to write content to the flash device)
      Changelog 3.24 (Aug 27/2014)
      • Added support for CFW 4.65 CEX (Ported by Joonie)
      • Added support for mamba on CFW 4.65 CEX (Ported by Joonie)
      Changelog 3.23+ (Aug 20/2014)
      • Added a new Global BD Mirror option (thanks to Small Yau for the idea)
      • Moved the 18 internal mamba payloads outside of the RELOAD.SELF. It should free some RAM and now the mamba payloads can be added without having to make a new build.
      Changelog 3.22 (Aug 19/2014)
      • Moved the 3 internal songs outside of the RELOAD.SELF. This saves aprox. 425KB of RAM and avoid the black screen issues reported recently on 4.60.
      • Reduced the size of one PNG to save additional 50KB of RAM.
      • Added support for up to 50 external songs in "mod" format.
      • Added support to list prepNTFS on Homebrew list.
      Changelog 3.21 (Aug 18/2014)
      • Fixed a regression from 3.15 that prevented that PS3 ISO could be mounted.
      Changelog 3.20 (Aug 17/2014)
      • Added mamba support for 3.55 DEX and 4.31 CEX (Ported by Joonie)
      • Supported CFW using mamba are:
        • CEX: 3.55/4.21/4.30/4.31/4.40/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.53/4.55/4.60
        • DEX: 3.55/4.21/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.53/4.55
      • IRISMAN can be used *with limited functions* even if the CFW syscalls are disabled (e.g. by PSN Patch or webMAN-MOD).(Games cannot be mounted and some other features may not work properly)
      • Added option to mount PSX ISOs with SELECT+X if the CFW supports Cobra or Mamba. (This option uses Cobra method, instead of the direct launch using the PS1 emu)
      Changelog 3.19 (Aug 14/2014)
      • Added mamba support to 4.21DEX. Ported by Joonie
      • Removed non-working mamba payloads (3.41/3.55DEX) from EBOOT

      Changelog 3.18 (Aug 13/2014)
      • Added mamba support for 4.53 DEX (Thanks to Joonie)
      • Updated the translation for Chinese Simplified (thanks to 小悠)
      • Fixed an awful bug where the PSX ISO was replaced with the config file when the settings were saved

      Changelog 3.17+ (Aug 8/2014)

      • Updated payload for 4.60 with a new function to fix errors (Thanks to zar)
      • HINT: If you get a black screen mounting games stored on USB, try resetting the USB bus (disconnect all the USB devices and plug again only the device containing the game that you want to play). Also try enabling the 'BD Mirror' found in the Game Options (JB folders only).

      Changelog 3.17 (Aug 6/2014)
      • Added support for 4.53 DEX by Joonie.

      Changelog 3.16 (Aug 2/2014)
      • Fix to prevent freeze accessing Game Options on PS3 ISOs on non-NTFS devices
      • Disabled a patch in the payload 4.60 that was causing a black screen on 4.60 Habib

      Changelog 3.13: (Jul 18/2014)
      • Updated code with mamba 1.35 released by @Joonie (This release adds mamba support for 4.41DEX and fixes some wrong symbols on 4.46DEX)
      • Updated UMOUNT_SYSCAL_OFFSET in payload_460.c with fixed offset found by @Zar
      • Fixed issue displaying the free space on multiple devices in the File Manager
      • Added option to jump to root pressing SELECT+/\ if the cursor is over

      Changelog 3.12: (Jul 11/2014)
      • Fix for Homebrews returning to XMB when launched from IRISMAN.
      • Added display of free disk space for all devices on File Manager.
      • Fixed issue creating LV1 / LV2 in File Manager:
      • Dumps will be created on the selected device.
      • Fixed issue that limited some functions on File Manager by Parental Control.
      • Added French & Spanish translation to some labels on Global menu. (Thanks to littlebalup)

      Changelog 3.11: (Jul 10/2014)

      • Merged mamba with updates by Joonie for 4.46DEX (Rebug).
      • Added fix ATTRIBUTE for games with PS3_EXTRA.
      • Fixed bug in prxloader.self.

      Changelog 3.10: (Jul 10/2014)

      • Fixed a regression in 3.09 in the BD Emu function (aka BD Mirror).

      Changelog 3.09: (Jul 9/2014)

      • Merged mamba 1.34 by Joonie.
        (This version adds mamba support for 4.21CEX/4.40CEX/4.41CEX)
      • Fixed issue listing NTFS games only.
      • Fixed issue in FTP listing NTFS devices.
      • Added Habib’s fixes for errors 80010017 and 8001002b when running ISO with updates with disc inside.
      • Added the patches for errors 8001003C, 8001003D, 8001003E from webMAN (by DeanK).
      • Added option to avoid load mamba payload (adding InstallMamba = 0 to the settings.ini)

      Changelog 3.08: (Jul 7/2014)

      • Added mamba support for 4.50 & 4.60 by Joonie.
      • (Thanks to Habib, EvilNat, Orion90 for their contributions)
      • Added mamba support for 3.55 & 4.30 by aldostools.
      • Added detection of buttons layout and auto-swap buttons if it’s an asian console (O=Enter).
        The swap can be forced adding “SwapButtons = 1″ to the settings.ini

      Changelog 3.07: (Jul 2/2014)

      • PS3 ISOs display ICON0 again when covers are disabled.
      • Re-added the "Event ID" option on non-Cobra CFW in Global Menu (press SELECT on Tools)
        • Game config now can read/update the game settings from multMAN.
        • Now game config settings are auto-saved on exit from menu.
        • Addressed an issue updating the game list.

      Changelog 3.06: (Jul 1/2014)

      • Fixed regression launching retro games (broken in 3.04-3.05)
      • Added scan of roms in alternate path (multiMAN default path for roms)
      • Addressed a flickering issue in the game list.
      • Added support to list /net0/VIDEO & /net1/VIDEO on the Coverflow/Grid
      • Fixed the overlapped labels (regression from 3.05)
      • Restore default PSID & console id don't ask to save. It's not necessary as they are the default values.

      Changelog 3.05: (Jun 30/2014)

      • Fixed bug in "Test & Fix Game" when the game (folder format) don't have an update. It caused a black screen on games that require a higher firmware.
      • Added shortcut to save and turn off the PS3 (R2+O)
      • Now SELECT+START will open the File Manager in the folder of the selected game/ISO
      • Current version of CFW is now displayed on Global menu

      Changelog 3.04: (Jun 28/2014)

      • Added support for 4.60 CEX (Thanks to smhabib for the payloads + fix + source code)
      • Added mamba for 4.50 DEX (Thanks to Rancid-O for port & files)
      • Added offset for PSID/IDPS on 4.60 CEX (Thanks to Orion90 for offsets & ErMaK86 for the LV2 dump)
      • Improved the speed and provide more feedback of progress on Build ISO function
      • Added support to launch additional homebrews (PRXLoader, CDGPlayer, GamePad Test, multiMAN, etc.)
      • PRX-Loader now can be auto-launched when the manager is closed.
      • (The option may need to enabled in settings.ini. It is launched only if /dev_hdd0/boot_plugins.txt exists and running on a non-Cobra CFW 4.21 to 4.55)
      • Fixed freeze issue when the Game Options was accessed for PS1 games stored on /PSXGAMES folder.
      • Changed behavior of L1/R1 in "XMB-like" GUI to jump 10 games forward/backward.
      • Fixed some issues listing games with Game List filters.
      • Limited use of background on large grids (8x5 and above)
      • Replaced grid 6x6 with grid 7x6
      • Restructured & optimized the source code in several parts.
      • Added back & up/down buttons to the Select Disc Order menu where a PS1 multi-disc is selected to launch.
      - Available: a new Discless Addon-PKG with libs_patched.sprx and patched explore_plugins for 3.41, 3.55 and 4.21 to 4.60. Required to play games in disc-less mode on non-Cobra CFW.

      Changelog 3.03: (Jun 24/2014)

      • Added Mamba payloads for 4.55DEX PS3ITA
      • Added offset for spoofing psid/idps on 4.55DEX
      • Added spoof to 4.60 when spoof version is enabled in settings.ini (tested only on 4.46 CEX Cobra 7.0)
      • Display of covers in File Manager for files that start with a content id (pkg, rap, edat, etc.)

      Changelog 3.02: (Jun 21/2014)

      • New XMB-Like GUI (it's a clean GUI where you can appreciate better the background image of the game)
      • webMAN integration for display of network games on IRISMAN (there is a combo that also let display all webMAN games on IRISMAN, but that's just for fun as IRISMAN can handle the other file types)
      • Added several game list filters (Retro only, PS1+PS2+PSP only, dev_hdd0 only, ntfs + PS3 only, Homebrews, all games, etc.)
      • Mount shared network folders (net0/ or net0/PKG) to browse the remote path with the File Manager
      • Added file count/total size, folder count to File Manager statistics
      • Edit PARAM.SFO directly from File Manager (no need hex editor)
      • Fixed some broken functions in Hex Editor due new buttons mapping.
      • Launch LUA scripts stored on any folder directly from File Manager
      • And many other improvements (internal in the code, bug fixes, improved functions, more combos , etc.)

      Changelog 3.00: (Apr 20/2014)

      - Read/write access to NTFS devices from FTP server
      - Support to customize ftp port (default: 21) – Changing the port (e.g. 2121) you can use IRISMAN and webMAN’s ftp servers concurrently.
      - Added SITE RESET command for soft reboot

      - Audio/Videos can be launched and played directly (This feature uses deank’s version of SHOWTIME.SELF)
      - Supported Audio/Video file extensions are customizable in the settings.ini
      - Added support to several audio/video file extensions
      - Videos now can be deleted directly from the Game List (Grid/Coverflow)

      - Added support to launch ROMs (Requieres RetroArch
      - ROM paths and supported file extension are customizable in the settings.ini
      - Cores settings can be customized individually
      - ROMs now can be deleted directly from the Game List (Grid/Coverflow)

      File Manager
      - Copy of file/folders on internal hdd now use shadow copy instead of regular copy (This change speeds up the copy function and save hdd space)
      - Launch videos/audio files and ROMs directly from File Manager

      - Fixed issue related to the display of game version
      - Fixed issue scrolling PS2/PSP game options (Triangle menu)

      Changes in IRISMAN 2.93-12: updated 2014-04-13!

      • Some bugs fixed.
      • Some new features.

      Changes in IRISMAN 2.93-11:
      • Added PSP ISO support on Cobra CFW (thanks to master deank for webMAN's source code)
      • Added 'Fix Game' option to File Manager menu (fix error 80010009 on games that require a higher fw version)
      • Added 'Refresh Game List' option to Global Menu (SELECT+R3)
      • Minor tweaks to the GUI

      Changes in IRISMAN 2.93-10:
      • Added support to display covers from multiMAN's covers_retro folder (PS1/PS2).
      • Added display of TITLE ID for PS1/PS2 in Game Options menu (TRIANGLE)
      • Fixed issue that closed the Global Settings menu when NTFS was refreshed.

      IRISMAN 2.93-9:
      • New background mode that auto-displays the PIC1.PNG of the selected game.
      • The settings.ini now is not replaced when the manager is updated. The default settings are now stored in settings_default.ini
      • Added option to hide the Sort Mode label displayed at the bottom of the Coverflow

      IRISMAN v2.93-8:
      • Added support for .VM1 / .cfg saved in the same folder of the PSX isos stored in /PSXISO and /ps1_iso folders (previously they were using a common file for all isos)
      • Removed the annoying "PSX Options Saved" message when saving a memory card option.
      • More bug fixes for the cached game list.
      • Fixed display of covers for PSXISOs.

      IRISMAN v2.93-7
      • Fixed a freeze issue when the NTFS device is mounted and the cached list already contained NTFS games.
      • Fixed the display of ICON0 when browsing dev_hdd0/GAMES folder in File Manager
      • Added support to display ICON0 when browsing the /dev_hdd0/home folder in File Manager
      • Added shortcut SELECT+L3 / SELECT+R3 to refresh the game list (L3 / R3 alone were mapped to select the game list mode: Favorite/Homebrew/Films)

      IRISMAN v2.93-6
      • Fixed issue patching IDPS /PSID on 4.55 due syscalls 870 & 872 not working as in 4.46 Cobra.
      • Fixed regression in auto-launch of PSX ISO (added in 2.60B-5).
      • Tweaks in cached game list for even faster start up.

      IRISMAN v2.93-5
      • The game list is now cached for faster start up (the cached list can be disabled in the settings.ini).
      • Added option to display & change the PSID.
      • PSID and IDPS (Console ID) are read using a syscall instead of reading a fixed address. (thanks [email protected])
      • Multiple instances of PSID and IDPS in LV2 are now updated.
      • Added option in settings.ini to not unmount dev_blind when the manager starts up.
      • When dev_blind is unmounted, also dev_rewrite and dev_habib are unmounted too if they are mounted.

      IRISMAN v2.93-4
      • Fixed a regression in the selection of background pictures;
      • Added display of game version to more menus

      IRISMAN v2.93-3
      • Added more GUI customization options to settings.ini
      • Now the EBOOT in /dev_hdd0/game folder is checked first to know if the game needs to be patched
      • Added shortcut buttons for faster GUI selection in Global Settings menu.

      IRISMAN 2.93-2:
      • Fixed a bug reading the path for covers from settings.ini
      • Moved settings.ini to USRDIR (to make it easier to update using a PKG)

      IRISMAN 2.93-1:
      • Added the features from official Iris Manager 2.93: Added support for Bluray and DVD ISOS and MKV videos on Cobra/Mamba (4.46, 4.53, 4.55)
      • Added separated icons for MKV and DVD ISO
      • Scan /VIDEO and /MOVIES folders. /MKV path can be customized in settings.ini

      IRISMAN v2.90-2 - Changelog:

        • Added the changes from official Iris Manager 2.90B related to a bug in the CFW 4.55 payload to get permissions to disk access.
      IRISMAN v2.90-2 - Changelog:

        • Changed PKG download folder from /dev_hdd0/game/IRISMAN00/PKG to /dev_hdd0/packages
      (Update packages now can be installed with Rebug’s Package Manager or XMBM+)

      IRISMAN v2.90-1 - Changelog:

        • Added the changes from official Iris Manager 2.90: Now IRISMAN should support 4.55 CEX and Mamba.
        • Added option to hide the Showtime / Internet Browser icons (Press Start, select Change GUI Mode and press L1 or R1)
        • Internal changes to the source code: Added variable names to flags.
        • Updated offsets to spoof IDPS on 4.55
      v2.87-2: (FEB/11/14)

      • Minor fixes / trying to fix the issue with ISOS on non-cobra CFW (mamba)

      v2.87-1: (FEB/10/14)

      • Added the changes from official Iris Manager 2.87 Instead of a new ‘GUI mode’, the ‘disco’ animation is a background ‘color’: That means that the new animation is available in all GUI modes of IRISMAN.
      • Removed the useless “character set” test from Global Settings.
      • Added 2nd default to Video Adjust: press O twice
      • To change effects in the new “disco” background use LEFT/RIGHT arrows in Global Settings.

      v2.86-1: (

      • Added some of the changes from official Iris Manager 2.86 (the other changes were already implemented in IRISMAN)

      v2.85b-1: (2014-02-05!)

      • Added Changes from official Iris Manager 2.85B,
      • Improvements extracting the files from ISO
      • Download of covers from GameTDB when the cover is not available locally

      v2.81-1: (2014-02-2)

      v2.80-2: (2014-01-30)

      • Increased the font size in File Manager.
      • Added display of the path for the selected game to Options menu.

      v2.80-1: (2014-01-29)

      Changelog 2.72-3:
      • Now remembers the last launched game
      • Minor fixes

      Changelog 2.72-2:
      • Added option to spoof console id on LV2.
      • Use [Start] button > Tools > Spoof Console ID
      • Removed the redundant "Return" menu options from menus.
      • Changed default to Disc-less payload.
      • Changed order of Global and Tools menus.
      • Improved selection of GUI mode option in Global menu.

      Changelog 2.72-1:

      • Added all the features & bug fixes from official Iris Manager 2.72 (Splash screen and holidays greetings were omited)
      New in 2.70-2:
      • Changed file icons in File Manager.
      • Fixed icon display for ISOs in grid 4x6 and 6x8.
      • Minor changes in hex editor. Moved blinking FTP icon.

      New in 2.70-1:

      • Added all the changes from Iris Manager 2.70,
      • including the 'Mamba' payload from Iris Manager 2.70 to support ISOs on CFW 4.53 & 4.46 non-cobra and the fixes for PS2 games.
      • Added option to game scanning on /host_root and /dev_hdd0/video (for users using [email protected]'s stealth version of multiMAN)

      New in 2.65-2:

      • Fixed label for Build ISO menu.
      • Menu now use for:
        • :o: = Cancel, :but x: = Accept, :but tri: = No.

      • Added ability to abort in the “calc_entries” stage of the build ISO process

      New in 2.65-1:

      • Added most (if not all) the features of Iris Manager 2.65, not annoying ads,
      • Display of file sizes in File Manager,
      • Added support for SITE MMQUIT in FTP to quit to XMB using my FTP Client,
      • Cobra plugins are not unloaded unless you hold :but x:when the manager starts.

      IRISMAN 2.60B-7:

      • Fixed a bug that caused an exit to XMB while changing the settings in the GUI modes 6x4 and 8x6.
      • Added a progress bar to Fix File Permissions.

      IRISMAN (mod) 2.60B-6 :
      • Added GUI mode 8x6 from PS3ITA (now there are 4 GUI modes)
      • added memory card configuration launching IRISMAN and holding L1/R1 when a PSX ISO exists in USRDIR/ps1_iso/
      • more bug fixes.

      IRISMAN 2.60B-5:

      • Added auto-launch of PSX ISO if found in /USRDIR/ps1_iso/ (now you can create your own bootable PSX isos on non-cobra CFW or replace the self+eboot in PS1toPS3's USRDIR folder to run it on CFW 4.46-4.50).
      • Fixed bug: ISOs were listed 4 times
      • Improved mount last game (holding L1 when the program starts)
      • Improved PSX ISO split list: now can be cancelled, use UP/DOWN to select
      • Auto preview images in FM (.png, .jpg),
      • Support to .ISO.0 (uppercase) in FM,
      • Custom ftp commands (SITE SHUTDOWN, SITE REBOOT)

    • irisman Tools.PNG

    • IRISMAN_v3.02.png
      IRISMAN-v2.93-9-mod.jpg File Manager.png IRISMAN v3.39.png File Manager_4.png File Manager_1.png
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