PS3 Jaicrab NoBD LV2diag.self -

Nobd lv2diag for fsm - used to go thru fsm downgrade process without connected Blu-ray drive.

  1. Sdw100

    • The modification is based on skipping two steps in the upgrade process.
      "BD FIRMWARE" and "Bul-ray Disc Player Revoke list."
      Whose patches are:

      0x3CF0 offset = 0x419E0044
      0x3C50 offset = 0x48000034

      This allows you to skip the two functions related to the BD-Drive.
      We avoid the error and let the system continue updating.

      • Enable Service Mode.
      • Copy the Lv2Diag.self to root of the USB.
      • Copy the PS3UPDAT.PUP file to root of the USB.
      • Turn on the PS3 with the USB inserted into the port 000 (the closest to the reader).
      • Wait until it turns off.
      • Copy the Lv2Diag.self the STEP2 (not provided for me) (MD5: 7A20BFDAE65EEFB47A4425DB1B52DCDE) to get out of FSM.
      • Insert the USB into the port 0.
      • On and after a few seconds turns off.

    • Needless to say, but just in case.
      It is your responsibility. Compatibility is the same as the original Lv2Diag.self.
      Lv2diag is a dangerous tool, inform you of this.
      Thanks for testing it psmaniaco!