VITA / PS TV Jump'n'Bump 0.1

Port of the classic multiplayer-only MS-DOS game Jump'n'Bump

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    • Jump'n'Bump

      This is my Switch and Vita port of the classic multiplayer-only MS-DOS game Jump'n'Bump by Brainchild Design, based on the SDL2 port by @felixhaedicke. Jump'n'Bump is a simple but addictive multiplayer game. The goal is to stomp as many other rabbits as possible to win the game.​

      Thanks to my supporters on Patreon: Andyways, CountDuckula, Greg Gibson, Jesse Harlin, Özgür Karter, Matthew Machnee, and RadicalR.
      Thanks to the many developers of the game, such as Mattias Brynervall, Andreas Brynervall, Anders Nilsson, and many more.
      Thanks to Felix Haedicke for porting the game to SDL2 and Cmake.

      Installation Instructions

      • Extract the contents of into the switch folder on your SD card, so that you have a folder switch/jumpnbump with jumpnbump.nro inside.
      • install the .vpk file using Vitashell

      Switch/Vita-exclusive features
      • Split Joycon support (Switch only): To toggle between split and combined Joycons, press L on joycon 1.
      • Physical keyboard support via Bluetooth (Vita) and USB (Switch)

      • Left analog stick / Dpad = move the character, up to four controllers are supported
      • B / Y / A / X = Jump
        Plus/Minus/Select/Start = ESC (restart game/advance through statistic screens)
      • R (on controller 1) = toggle aspect ratio between original (default), 4:3, and 16:9
      • L (on controller 1) = toggle split Joycon mode on/off (Switch only)
      Physical keyboard controls via Bluetooth (Vita) and USB (Switch):
      • Cursor keys = white rabbit move and jump
      • a d w = yellow rabbit move and jump
      • i j l = gray rabbit move and jump
      • Keypad 4 / 8 / 6 = brown rabbit move and jump