PS2 Lenschanger 1.2b (beta)

Can reprogram the EEPROM of your console when you want to install new type of laser

  1. jolek

    With the help of this small but very helpful application, we can easily reprogram the EEPROM of our console,
    thus forcing it to work seamlessly with the new type of laser.

    Translated by Google from Spanish readme:
    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
     PS2 LENSCHANGER version 1.2 (beta)
    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
     (c) 2004-2006, Dampro ([email protected])
    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
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    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
    Read these instructions before using!
    The improper use of this program can cause damage of which
    I'm not responsible ...
    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
    In this version, mainly the detection of the versions PS2 has been improved,
    The V12, 13, 14, 15 are detected .... the data are almost identical among them but in many
    The old system, which used data from the first V12
    All pstwo.
    Many of the lens configuration data have been updated, all looking for more
    compatibility. In addition, taking advantage of the existence of a good amount of
    Different consoles have been created 3 sets of configuration data, selectable
    For the user, in cases where it is desired to try other alternatives or when they do not give
    Good result the default data.
    In addition, the naming system for the eeprom backup files has been changed before
    Was used the same name: "backup.nvm" ... it happened then, that if you worked with several
    Consoles saved data of one could be mistakenly recorded in another, or also lose
    The data by mistake, when overwriting them in another console.
    Finally, an installer program has been developed, which makes it very simple to prepare the Lenschanger
    To use it with the most common charging methods and thus work easily in a variety of
    terms. These methods are: PS1 EXPLOIT, DEV1, SWAPMAGIC and direct load from CD.
    The first three methods require a memory card to install the program into it,
    Varying only the charging methods. In the case of loading from CD, from the same installer
    Is given that option, so having the installer CD by hand and some console in
    (With lens) will be enough to prepare the program in the MC and then
    Use it with the method of loading that has been chosen.
    --- FUNCTIONS:
    These are all functions now available in version 1.2b:
    / \ Triangle - turns off the console (standby)
    [] Square - information
    O circle - select from 3 databases (allows to choose the one of better compatibility)
    X equis - accept menu option
    R1 - creates a backup file of the eeprom information (new system)
    L1 - restores backup file to eeprom (new system)
    R2 - creates a backup file of the eeprom information (old method, file
    L2 - restore backup file to eeprom (old method, file "backup.nvm")
    Note: The language setup screen has been removed, in this new version the language
    Is taken from the system configuration of the console.
    This option is activated by pressing "O" (circle) and a window will appear where you can
    Choose one of 3 databases, in case of compatibility problems, this allows
    Try another set of data, which can solve the problem or improve the redemption.
    (Eye: can also make it worse) :)
    It is advisable to normally use # 1, (which is most tested on almost all versions)
    And try the other two only if you have problems with this one.
    Also of course it is important to make sure that the hardware does not present problems
    (Try lens, BA, cables, etc) as you might think it is a configuration problem
    When in fact it is not. This can save a lot of headaches !!!
    Another point to note are the old consoles V3, V4 and HD7 lenses. On these consoles only
    SONY lenses were originally installed, therefore there is no real information extracted
    Of a console of these versions working with HD7 lenses, but here is a "hack" that is
    Does with non-original data of these consoles. However this works well in many V4,
    But in some and especially in V3 does not work perfect and in many it is not possible to do them
    to work. Unfortunately there is little that can be improved in this sense, only remains in cases
    So test with the alternative data and check if it improves.
    It is also necessary to take into account the mechanical incompatibilities due to the differences
    Of the size between the KHS400B lenses (those used in the older versions) and the newer ones.
    When installing a lens always check that there is no roze in all its route, as well
    Such as verifying that it does not shock when opening the tray (for the KHS400B in more modern consoles)
    Although there are ways to achieve such a lens, it is better in many cases to look for a lens
    Appropriate for the console version being attempted to repair.
    In this version (1.2) the system has been changed to name the backup file of
    The eeprom with a fixed name ("backup.nvm") this had several problems because only
    There could be only one file per memory card, and you could erase the previous ones
    By mistake, as well as programming incorrect data from another console.
    To avoid this now each backup will have a console dependent name where
    Has been created, this way you can have several at the same time in the same place without
    Concerns, and avoid mistakes as each console will have its own.
    The names are generated from the model of the console and part of its serial number, for
    Having included the serial number of the console makes it unique for each.
    However, the previous option to use the fixed name "backup.nvm" is
    (Restore from an old backup, etc) this is done with R2 and L2.
    When using this method it will be noticed that the old file name will be used.
    --- NOTES
    For any questions, ask in the forum:
    Also check the readme of previous versions ....
    There are still many details ...
    There is no free program full of errors ...
    .... END ....
    I had a problem with launching lenschanger 1.2b directly from the installer,
    so I also add DEV1 and SWAPMAGIC "versions" extracted from the installer.

    Here you can find a guide for version v1.0 beta6 (made by ffgriever, translated by Google, posted by doctorxyz):
    Original PL guide was posted here: