VITA / PS TV Lua Player Plus Vita R5

A Multi-Platform LUA interpreter for the PS Vita / PSTV running the HENkaku Exploit.

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    • Lua Player Plus is a multiplatform LUA interpreter currently available on PSP (lpp-c++ / lpp-plugin), 3DS (lpp-3ds) and PSVITA (lpp-vita).
      At current stage, it's good to make 2D games and apps but final goal is to provide a complete set of tools to make any kind of projects and make them easily portable towards consoles (lpp-3ds and lpp-vita for example both use a similar code syntax).​

    • New functions:
      - System.setCpuSpeed() - Sets CPU clock rate
      - System.getCpuSpeed() - Gets current CPU clock rate​

      New feature and improvements:
      - Now Controls.readTouch() and Controls.readRetroTouch() both support multitouch feature
      - Now it's possible to generate standalone homebrews in vpk format.​

      Deprecated functions:
      - System.loadElf() - UVLoader became useless.
      - Screen.getFramerate() - Useless.​

      Syntax changes:
      - Most of the Screen module functions had been moved to Graphics module to respect lpp-3ds syntax.​

      - Now Font.print() correctly requires 5 arguments (and not 6).​

      - Updated samples with new syntax changes and properly commented all of them.​

    • Features
      • GPU rendering support.
      • FTP server for fast scripts debug.
      • Controls and touch/retrotouch support.
      • Alpha blending support.
      • Native support to BMP, PNG and JPG images.
      • Native support to TTF fonts.
      • Possibility to build standalone homebrews in vpk format.
      • I/O functions support.
      • Arithmetical functions support (mathlib).
      • Minor functions support (Like battery ones).

    • Note:
      • In the RAR file you'll find the interpreter documentation, some programming samples and a builder (currently only for Windows) able to generate a vpk package from your code.

    • Credits:
      • vitasdk and HENkaku devs to make this possible.
      • xerpi for vita2dlib and ftpVita srcs and for his awesome help on Skype
      • gnmmarechal for testing the interpreter.
      • Misledz for the lpp-vita logo.

    • Release T

    Lua Player Plus (Vita) is Created by: Rinnegatamante

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