A Ps3 Net Server GUI for Mac (used with CobraCFW / Mamba NetISO streaming feature)

  1. psykosis
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    • MacOS PS3 Net Server GUI
      by psykosis

      I'm used to aldostools windows version of the GUI, but found no mac variant. Decided to code one up, and it turned into a pretty nice little tool. This is the first PUBLIC build. Enjoy!​

      • Launches ps3netsrv from easy to use interface
      • Lightweight design
      • Autostart option, allows app to launch ps3netsrv on launch
      • mac ps3netsrv built using latest xcode 8.2
      • (more coming)

    • Installation Instructions:
      1. Unzip (there should be two apps) & Place ps3netsrv and app wherever you please
      2. Launch PS3 Net Server GUI
      3. Drag and drop your shared folder and ps3netsrv onto window
      4. Verify/Change Settings as needed and press start . (at this point prefs are saved)
      5. Enjoy!

    • Known Bugs = 1:
      If you have launched a previous version and saved settings, Program can crash when looking for new preferences added. The easiest way is to open finder, hit (Win)+shift+G and type ~/Library/Application Support/ and delete the ps3netgui folder. Then relaunch app.

    For use with Cobra CFW or a CFW using latest version of MAMBA.

    Source available for macOS PS3 Net Server:
    Source available for macOS PS3 ISO Tool:

Recent Updates

  1. SRC (PS3NETSRV for xcode)
  2. MacOS PS3 Net Server GUI 1.1b
  3. Release 1.1