VITA / PS TV MaiDumpTool English v233.2zEX

Updated Vita backup tool with English translation

  1. atreyu187


    ------------------------ Version v233.1: ------------------
    - 5 kinds of games can switch loading (previously supported release of the decryption of the game, the game can try switching error)
    - Supporting the decryption of Some loads wide segment of the game
    - Several bug repaired
    - Extraction game to preserve the original file In Particular mai_moe / eboot_origin.bin (qui est Conducive to future versions of the tools used Directly)
    If the vitamin is best used to rebuild the database to Avoid error about mystery (before using this tool Ps If there is a new game Dump Please @ ljy64278326 to Facilitate finishing the game
    There you do not finish your critical foreign hackers what kind of thing to all people Who Does engages in research PSVita crack down on everyone to do it? If we use this tool to dump the game, Then please indicate indication what to Distinguish)