PS3 Mamba/PRX Loader 4.84.1

A plugin and MAMBA loader (a Cobra CFW alternative, that supercharges Standard CFW)

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    MAMBA PRX Loader (+AutoLoad).png

    • MAMBA/PRX Loader is a homebrew that allows you to load MAMBA and/or VSH plugins (with MAMBA or PRX Loader) by two different way : at system boot or after.

      It provides almost all the features of a CFW Cobra on a regular CFW.
      Support from CFW 4.46 to 4.81.

      Update Note: If you have already any version previous installed on your PS3 uninstall it first to free some space, and if your use Autoloader you need to reinstall-it to update it.

      Note2: This application seems that is not supported on consoles with noBD.​
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      1- Mamba/PRX Loader 4.84.1 and its source code:

      This version jumps from 3.1.4 to 4.84.1 to match with the latest CFW version that it supports. It adds support to 4.82, 4.83, 4.84 CEX / DEX / DEH(?)

      Mamba 4.84 is based on the source code included in ManaGunZ 1.3.5 by @Zar and @littlebalup, modified with some of the features of Cobra 8.01 by @habib & @Joonie

      Disclaimer: I haven't tested these changes. So I advice to first test the loader & payloads from XMB before try to use the AutoLoader to avoid issues like semi-brick.