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A feature rich backup Manager (& More) by Zar (Iris Manager Fork)

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    • ManaGunZ
      by @Zar - Source Code:

      ManaGunZ is a AIO (All-in-one) type Homebrew, this backup manager on steroids is an iris Manager Fork with a bit of a different appearance and many unique functions and features that normally would take other tools for the PC to accomplish.

      Note: This Video Demonstration is of Version 1.00

    • game settings.JPG
      Direct Boot: It allow you to launch the game directly after mounting it. There isn't lot of game which support it (every Lego games works with), with this you don't have to go back to the XMB to launch the game.

      Clean Syscall: It disable peek & poke syscall, especially syscall 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 35, 36, this syscall doesn't exist in a OFW. So, this option prevent you to be banned from PSN (especially with Black Ops II) but this isn't guaranted, risk 0 with a CFW doesn't exist. Moreover there is soooo many way to detect a CFW...

      Change IDPS: It change your IDPS in the lv2

      Ext. Game Data: It allow you to install gamedata in your usb device instead of inside your system. Basically , it redirect the path : "/dev_hdd0/game" to "/dev_usb000/GAMEI"

      Payload: Here you can choose which payload it will use to mount your game. I don't really know if a payload is better than another... from my experience, I always saw same results with every payloads For ISO games, if you are in cobra fw, it will use the cobra payload otherwise it will use the mamba.
      For JB game, you can choose the payload extracted from :
      [*]Iris ("sky")
      [*]multiMAN ("MM")
      [*]Cobra (it's available only with a fw cobra)
      [*]Mamba (it's available only with a fw non-cobra)

      Set primary USB It set the USB device where the game is stored as the main USB device. This option allow to make some game working without any issue. It's available only with a fw cobra.

      Here you can choose which type of emulation it will use to mount you game. This option allow to make some game working without any issue. This option is available for JB games only. You have the choice between 3 possibilities :
      • None : There isn't any "special emulation", the path "/dev_bdvd" is just redirected to the path of the game.
      • BD-Mirror : it patch the mount table in the lv2 to remplace the device dev_bdvd or dev_ps2disk for internal by the device where is stored the backup. This option works fine in extern only if there is only 1 device plugged.
      • BD-EMU : It redirect the path of the libfs.sprx to the path of a libfs patched.

      Patched from:
      This option is available for JB games and if you choose "Emulation : BD-EMU". It allow you to choose which patched libfs do you want to use. I found 3 way too patch it, one from MM, and one other from Iris and finally the last one from ReactPSN. I don't know if there is a patch better than an others.

      Mount /app_home:
      Basically, this is a redirection of the patch /app_home to the path "/dev_bdvd". This option allow to make some game working without any issue.

      Use patched plugin : This option is available if you choose "Yes" to mount "/app_home". The path "/app_home" is remplaced by "/dev_bdvd" inside the plugin explore_plugin.sprx . Also, the icon of the "/app_home" in the XMB is changed to a disk. Basically, it redirect the path of the original plugin to patched plugin

    • Game Options.PNG
      Rename: Rename the title of your backup.

      Add/Remove to/from favorites Manage a list your favorite game. (for now, you can see your list of favorites only with the UI "XMB")

      Delete game : Delete your backup

      Copy game : Copy your backup to another device.

      Make PKG : Create a package stored to the path "/dev_hdd0/packages". This package once installed will be a "shortcut" of your backup in the XMB. You'll just have to launch it, few moment later, it'll return to XMB with your backup mounted. You can hold triangle once it launched to reconfigure the game settings of this "shortcut".

      Make PKG stealth same as the previous option but you can choose the TITLE_ID of the "shortcut"

      Patch EBOOT it change the fw version to 4.21 of your EBOOT (offset 0x400 or 0x40C) to prevent to have the error 0x80010009.

      Re-sign it re-sign every executable of your backup with the 4.21 keys

      Extract/Convert to ISO Convert your JB game to ISO or Convert your ISO to a JB game

      Fix permission Change permission value to 0777 of every folder and file of your backup

      Download update This will download all updated available of your backup. The update downloaded will be stored to the path "/dev_hdd0/packages".

      Properties Show the properties of your backup: Path, Format, Size, number of file, number of directory, system version.

    • Adjust Screen: Calibrate your display to get the best display on your TV.

      Dir. to scan Configure the name of directories where ManaGunZ will find your backups. You can add or remove a directory.

      XMB priority If this option is activated the icon of ManaGunZ in XMB will be displayed at the top of the XMB column. To ativated this option you to choose "yes" global setting and then to reboot the homebrew from the XMB.

      UI (User Interface): Choose which interface you prefere. Actually, there is 4 differents UI : "List", "Grid", "XMB" and "Flow"

      XMB_mg.PNG Grid.PNG

      For each UI, you can choose a theme.
      You can create your own theme and you just have to put it to the following path : "dev_usbXXX/Themes/name_of_the_UI/name_of_your_theme"
      For example, if you want to use your theme named "Example" for the UI "List", then put your images inside the directory named "Example" and then move your folder to the path "dev_usbXXX/Themes/List/Example".
      You can also use multiMAN themes (*.thm) or original themes (*.p3t). Just put your themes in the folders "Themes". For example, "dev_usbXXX/Themes/MyTheme.thm" or "dev_usbXXX/Themes/MyTheme.p3t"

      Then you just have to load your theme in ManaGunZ settings. Once you loaded it, it will be converted if needed and stored in ManaGunZ directory. So, you won't need to plug your device to use this theme anymore.
      The name of the images of the theme can't be changed. For each theme you have a list of image :
      • "List" : BG.PNG ; BG_ICON0.PNG ;
      • "Grid" : BG.PNG ; BGS.JPG ;
      • "Flow" : BG.PNG ; BGS.JPG ; BG_TITLE.PNG ;

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