PS1 Marilyn in the Magic World 0.12a

Marilyn in the Magic World is a homebrew game for the PlayStation 1 created by developer LameGuy64

  1. kozarovv
    Marilyn in the Magic World by LameGuy64

    • This is a fan-game project starring an original character named Marilyn created by a fellow dA artist named Kenny Anderson who I'am a fan of his works and original characters. One time I thought it would be a really cool idea to make a homebrew game starring one's original character (preferably Marilyn) and so, this project was eventually born! And I believe this is the first OC based fan-game to be a homebrew game.

      Technical Features:
      • Fast loading times and clean disc structure
      • Compilation-friendly and MeidoMenu 1.2 compatible
      • CD-XA music streaming and sound effects
      • Supports widescreen mode (doesn't look good on most emulators though)
      • Automatic NTSC/PAL selection
      • Smooth scrolling
      • Parallax background scrolling of up to 4 layers
      • Particle effects
      • Simple script system for dialog events

    • Version 0.12A:
      • Fixed default screen alignment for PAL mode.
      • Added a skip button (start) on dialog events.
      • Fixed the CD-XA playback code which didn't work on a real PSX in v0.10A.
      • Fixed a minor bug in the level select and pause menus.

    Mirror: Mediafire

Recent Reviews

  1. STLcardsWS
    Version: 0.12a
    Very Good PS1 Homebrew Game, Various levels but not a complete game