PS2 Mass Format Utility 1.2

Format Bulk Amounts of Memory Cards. Multi-tap Supported.

  1. Based_Skid
    Mass Format utility
    Created by: 1UP & Based_Skid

    Copyright 2018

    Licensed Under Academic Free License 3.0
    PS2 Powertool that will format All Connected Memory Cards.


    Will Format All Connected Memory Cards

    Multi-tap Supported! (Supports up to 8 memory cards on up to 2 Multi-taps)

    Note: This App Does Not Require You to Have a Multi-tap.
    It Will Work Fine without a multi-tap it will Just Disregard Slots 1-3(ports B,C and D )when a multi-tap is not connected

    The Select Button Will Report what Memory Cards are connected and the Free Space in kilobytes (KB).

    The Start Button Will Start The Format Process on All Connected Memorycards. (No Final Confirmation...You have been Warned)

    The Triangle Button Clears The Info/Format Results and will also Refresh the Multi-tap status.

    The Square Button Will Power Off The PS2

    The Cross (X) Button Will Exit the Application and Return you to OSDSYS (soft reboot your ps2,)

    The Button Controls can be used at any time, After a Format or Viewing the Card info you can re run the action so you are able to Mass Format Memory Cards.

    The App Will automatically Recognize a Multi-tap if it is connected when it is loaded, If you Connect a Multi-tap After the app has been loaded press triangle to refresh the multi-tap status and the app will utilize the additional slots.

    Port Slot Info

    Controller Port 1​
    1A: PORT = 0,SLOT = 0
    1B: PORT = 0,SLOT = 1
    1C: PORT = 0,SLOT = 2
    1D: PORT = 0,SLOT = 3
    Controller Port 2
    2A: PORT = 1,SLOT = 0
    2B: PORT = 1,SLOT = 1
    2C: PORT = 1,SLOT = 2
    2D: PORT = 1,SLOT = 3

    This App Utilizes Software Modules and should be compatible with all models.However Multi-tap support may not work on all consoles

    Special Thanks to SP193 For Providing Email Support and Taking the Time to Explain Things in Detail.

    Its Also Open Source

    Supported Multi-taps

    Note: Some Multi-taps Do Not have all 4 Memory Card slots.

    The List Below Contains Multi-tap Models that have 4 Memory Card Slots Unless Otherwise noted.

    We Are Working to Expand This List.

    We Assume That all Multi-taps with more then more memory card are compatible. If you find one that Doesnt Work with this app, let us know

    If You Have a Model That is Not Listed here and It is working Please Let Us know and please provide pictures if possible

    OEM Equipment

    Sony SCPH-10090 - Fat PS2 (can be modified to fit slim ps2)

    Sony SCPH-70120 - Slim PS2


    Intec Multitap-Stand Model:PS2-7610 -Supports Slim and Fat PS2 (stand only fits sim ps2, Multi-tap connector Fits Slim and Fat)
    s-l1600 (17).jpg

    Intec Multiplayer Adapter With Built in DVD remote and AV Multi Switch Model:PS2-7315A - Fat PS2
    s-l1600 (15).jpg

    Performance Multiplayer Adapter 4/5 player Model:M4100 - Fat PS2 (E Slot is Controller only)
    s-l1600 (14).jpg

    Datel Multiplayer Adapter Model:PS2490D - Fat PS2

    s-l1600 (13).jpg
    Dream Gear Multi-tap - Fat PS2... Note: No Model Number is printed on the device. This Multi-tap is also a Pile of garbage.
    s-l1600 (16).jpg

    This Program Was Built with The PS2DEV sdk and has utilized sample code from it

    This Application Has No Warranty. The Creators of this app cannot be held Responsible for any damage.




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