PS2 Mass Format Utility 1.2

Format Bulk Amounts of Memory Cards. Multi-tap Supported.

  1. Updated The Source Code.

    The Source Code has Been Cleaned up a little bit. and a few things have been corrected in the module code.

    We have Also Removed all Code For XModules, They are not Needed.
    Developers Should Never Use them in projects.
  2. Mass Format Utility 1.0

    This Update Brings a Full Conversion to Software Modules
    (reverts back to X Modules if a Software module Fails)

    This Means it Should be Compatible with all ps2 consoles, Although Multi-tap support may not work on the PSX and other Special models.

    Rebuilt With Latest PS2SDK as of 6-27-18
  3. Mass Format Utility 0.7

    Switched over Most Xmodules to use Software Versions.

    XMCMAN and XMCSRV are still used due to the console locking up with the MCMAN and MCSRV modules.
  4. Mass Format Utility

    "Clean up" and Added in Some Indicators When No Multi-tap is connected when using the Check/Format Operation
  5. Mass Format Utility

    Removed The Excessive Formats. When a Multi-tap was not connected it would cause the connected card to be formatted 4 times.

    The App Will Now Disregard slots 1-3 (B,C,D) When multi-tap connection is not Present on the port

    If a Multi-tap is connected then it will use the Additional Slots