VITA / PS TV mDump 3.60 [vitaDump Fork] 2016-08-09

Used to dump all Vita modules, a fork of vitaDump

  1. atreyu187

    This homebrew can dump some PS Vita shared modules
    It was based in :
    Credits: xyzz - original vita-modump St4rk SMOKE & zecoxao

    Compiled on 2016-aug-09 from zecoxao github forked from St4rk. Tested and working on Vita & PSTV
    Files are saved in to ux0/:dump folder

    Added icon, background and startup art.

    Big thanks to @kovarovv for his easy to use PSDK3v3 that made this job all to easy. Compiled with his setup and zecoxao's form of Vitadump & his work adding the Vita to the SDK.