PS2 Memory Card Annihilator coded by ffgriever, gfx by Berion v2.0

Tool for formatting/unformatting memory cards (both PS2 and PSX)

  1. jolek
    = Memory Card Annihilator v2.0 coded by ffgriever, gfx by Berion =

    • Memory Card Annihilator is a tool created back in 2007.
      Its main purpose is formatting/unformatting memory cards (both PS2 and PSX)
      as well as managing memory card images (creating images of physical
      cards and writing images onto physical cards).
      It can be used to restore cards broken by other formatters back to normal
      (eg. when 64MB card has been formatted to 8MB by MCKiller and similar tools).
      It has quite nice bad block handling, so even worn cards should
      work fine after formatting (unless it's the very first block that
      got screwed - because of the way mcman handles the cards when
      recognizing the file system, I don't think this kind of error
      could be solved in a different way than hardware block remapping).

      The previous version, although worked really nice (got quite
      a lot of success stories), had two big drawbacks:
      a) was all in Polish language,
      b) display mode was fixed to PAL.

      Basic usage.
      The video mode needed should be detected automatically
      (for PAL/NTSC - depending on console).
      But if it fails for some reason, you can always force particular mode
      by keeping a button pressed during application startup.
      The options are as follows:
      a) PAL - press dpad RIGHT.
      b) NTSC - press dpad LEFT.
      c) VGA (640x480) - press dpad UP.

    • The keys are pretty straightforward. Some are not that obvious,
      but whenever needed, a hint is displayed to make sure the user
      knows what to do:

    • Some screenshots:



    More info can be found in readme.

    This application is free and provided "as is", without warranty
    of any kind, either expressed or implied. The authors cannot be
    held responsible for any damage to the hardware or data loss caused
    by application usage and missusage.