VITA / PS TV mGBA 0.5.1

mGBA is Gameboy Advance emulator developed by endrift

  1. mGBA 0.5.1

    mGBA 0.5.1

    Oct 5, 2016 – written by endrift
    A new release of mGBA, version 0.5.1, is available. This version is a bugfix release, which fixes many issues that weren’t caught before the relese 0.5.0. An extensive list of changes follows after the cut.
    • Core: Fix importing save games as read-only
    • FFmpeg: Fix encoding AAC
    • GB: Fix invalid STOP behavior on Game Boy Color
    • GB: Initialize audio properly
    • GB: Properly clear KEY1 bit 0 when switching speeds
    • GB: Properly unload save files when unloading a ROM
    • GB, GBA: Fix emulator hardlocking when halting with IRQs off
    • GB MBC: Fix MBC7 when size is incorrectly specified
    • GB MBC: Fix RTC access when no save file is loaded
    • GB SIO: Don’t auto-clock external shift clock
    • GB Video: Setting LYC=LY during mode 2 should trigger an IRQ
    • GB Video: Fix video frames getting missed when LCDC is off
    • GB Video: Clear screen when LCDC is off
    • GBA Cheats: Fix holding onto pointers that may get invalidated
    • GBA Cheats: Fix key-activated CodeBreaker cheats
    • GBA Cheats: Fix uninitialized memory getting freed when saving
    • GBA Hardware: Improve Game Boy Player rumble behavior
    • GBA Memory: Fix several unused I/O register read values
    • GBA Savedata: Fix loading savestates with 512Mb Flash saves
    • LR35902: Fix events running with the wrong cycle active
    • Qt: Fix “close” button on Overrides view
    • Qt: Fix saving overrides
    • Qt: Fix directory set unloading when replacing the ROM
    • Qt: Fix patch loading
    • Qt: Fix crash when saving an override if a game isn’t loaded
    • Qt: Fix showing default display driver as OpenGL (force 1.x)
    • SDL: Attach rumble in SDL frontend
    • Util: Fix PNG identification on files too small to be a PNG
    • All: Only update version info if needed
    • All: Split out install locations for Libretro and OpenEmu
    • FFmpeg: Encoding cleanup
    • GB: Reset active region when reloading ROM
    • GB Memory: Initialize RAM pattern for GBC
    • GB Video: Improved video timings
    • Qt: Manage window sizes slightly better
    • Qt: Remember scale option independent of core dimensions
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