PSP Minecraft PSP 1.3.1 2016-08-22

Minecraft PSP 1.3.1 (Lamecraft Mod) -Woolio

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by Woolio​

    • Minecraft PSP is the only Lamecraft mode with working survival, crafting, mobs, and many other things!

    • - Fixed bugs causing crashes
      - Cows became cleverer
      - Cows drop more leather and meat


      - Complete mobs (cow, zombies)
      - Zombies can wear armor (chain-mail, and gold)
      - Armour (diamond, metal, mail, gold, leather)
      - Drop
      - World increased to 176x112x176
      - A long day and a short night (13 minutes / 7 minutes)
      - Creatve mode (immortality, the ability to fly)
      - Hardcore Mode
      - The ability to change the game mode of the world
      - Ability to change the difficult of the world (peaceful, easy, normal, hard)

      Blocks and items:

      - Bone meal, bone
      - Lapis lazuli, lapis lazuli ore, lapis lazuli block
      - Watermelon, watermelon seeds, slices of watermelon
      - Flat ladders
      - Cookies, cocoa beans
      - Sandstone
      - Stone brick, semiblock, cracked version
      - Mossy cobbles
      - Chest has a reduced model and lock
      - Torch as an item, not as a block
      - Sugar
      - Golden Instruments
      - Swords
      - Birch sapling and spurce sapling

      Interface :

      - New GUI
      - Bars (hunger, health, oxygen, armor) are in their rightful place
      - Strip of the strength of tools and armor
      - Items in the hand have a 3D sprite
      - Items in the hand have dynamic lighting
      - Rendering the character in the inventory as well as armor on it

      Generator :

      - Desert biome
      - Generation of cacti
      - Generation of two species of spruce in a snowy biome
      - Erosion
      - Generation of dungeons with chest with loot
      - Changed the generation of ore
      - Changed the generation of colors

      Other :

      - New fog
      - Poor visibility under water
      - Slow moving under water
      - New skybox with the effects of sunrise and sunset
      - New animation system blocks
      - Zombies drop bones and rotten flesh
      - Bone meal can be used for flower cultivation and growth of wheat / watermelons
      - New sounds of doors
      - Fixed door models
      - Model of destruction has 10 frames
      - Ability to change the texture pack
      - Removed watering and diamond watering
      - Increased the growth of the character (the camera is slightly higher)

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