VITA / PS TV Minesweeper 1.1

Minesweeper well known game for all windows users now on vita

  1. kozarovv

    • (Rough Google translate)
      As shown, worked overnight and finally the voice of the higher demining before the successful development! (Last night I went to see a colleague sister actually cried most of the night movie, what movie to see Mom, do not think I do not know that she did not want to harm my car to go home! Are routine! Fortunately, I did not go to wit, almost delayed write code. )
      In addition to sinking mine, it is original art resources. The game contains two difficulty sincerely hope you like it.

      Brightest message appears, vita from executed copy rom far away. The need to promote genuine, but the domestic environment immature, income can not keep up, so piracy innocent, genuine plausible.
      No matter which side, as everyone quietly understated play games, do not ruin a radical vita, but can not destroy the hackers great God.
      I continued vita developed three homemade games, can be considered for domestic-made modest contribution. HENkaku mind that rich functionality vita hope that we can continue to focus homemade.