PS3 Minus 18MB v1.00

Install some free space to your dev_flash using magic!

  1. DeViL303
    A free space adjuster
    or a package full of nothing?


    This package does something magic, it installs 18MB of free space onto your dev_flash partition. The package is actually 18MB in size too funnily enough. :)

    It uses some dark quantum power that has been hidden from us for centuries by hard drive companies, to actually add free space instead of taking it away. If there is any interest, I might consider releasing a 1TB free space adjuster package for dev_hdd0 :-p

    This uses a little trick, when Minus_18MB installs you will gain 18MB of free space on flash, and you will find a new package in dev_hdd0/packages/ called "Plus_18MB.pkg" , Install that and you will lose your free space again. More magic.

    NOTE 1: This is not an "installer" application, this pkg installs the free space directly in one step from package manager to dev_blind. Due to that, this package file needs dev_blind to be enabled before install or it can not adjust the free space, you have been warned. :)

    Thanks to @aldostools and @lmn7 for their work on force_install_to packages.

    NOTE 2: This is only tested on the latest Rebug (4.84.2 REX) but it should work fine on other recent CFW, just 2 whats new icons will turn red if not on Rebug. When restoring using the Plus_18MB.pkg it actually restores the 4.84 REX hknw_plugin.sprx, so if you are not on Rebug 4.84 REX, you can restore by installing CFW again. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    This actually dummies some files:
    • 4 Japanese fonts
    • hknw_plugin.sprx
    • hknw_plugin.rco
    • removes photo gallery entry from photo category to stop hknw being loaded
    • Plus it dummies some unused images.
    Note: All changes can be reverted by installing the dev_hdd0/Plus_18MB.pkg and rebooting
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Recent Reviews

  1. PolybiusOfficial
    Version: v1.00
    I need to research how is this working.
    1. DeViL303
      Author's Response
      It just dummies a few files, nothing special really. see the spoiler.