PS3 MinVerChk (Minimum Version Checker) 2017-12-20

Displays your PS3s Base-Factory-Firmware -Ifcaro

  1. STLcardsWS

    • This PUP will display the Base-Factory-Firmware for your PS3.
      Minimum Version Checker (MinVerChk).


    • Things you will need:
      1. MinVerChk, PS3, and a Computer... (duh)

      2. USB Flash Drive. (Formatted to "FAT32" O N L Y = Not "NTFS", Nor "exFAT")

      3. Time- A few minute learning curve the first time. (after that, it shouldn't even take a whole minute)

      1. Create a new-folder in the ROOT of the Flash-Drive.
      (name it "PS3")

      2. Create a new-folder in the PS3-folder you just created.
      (name it "UPDATE")

      3. Copy the PUP-file, included with this README, into the UPDATE-folder you just created. (Basically, it should look like this, "PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP")

      4. Insert the USB-Flash-Drive into your PS3.
      (Are these steps getting too difficult for you ? Only 1 left)

      5. Install the PUP-Update, via your PS3-XMB, just like it was an official-update.
      (PS3 XMB\Settings\System Update\Update via Media Storage)

      NOTE: The update should fail and display the Base-Factory-Firmware for your PS3.
      (The number given is the lowest-firmware you can install on your PS3)

      -----Enjoy! (Ifcaro)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Filipe Santos
    Filipe Santos
    Version: 2017-12-20
    Essential tool.
  2. Xx11xx22xX
    Version: 2017-12-20
    This is so easy to use and is a necessary prerequisite before a PS3XPLOIT is attempted!