PS3 Movian [multiMAN Edition] Latest Version

Modified version (by deank) of Movian (Showtime) for better intergration into multiMAN (& IRISMAN)

  1. STLcardsWS

    • multiMAN's Showtime editions are builds compiled by deank using the latest bleeding edge trunk of Movian, with minor changes that allow better integration with multiMAN/mmCM (and IRISMAN).​

      The main changes that I have noticed in the unofficial build from deank are
      • XMB Videos & Last Folder visible in Movian (Showtime)
      • Direct Disc Access (I think the recent builds of Movian also include these features too)
      • Support for auto-start playing a moving, reading the file: ./TEMP/SHOWTIME.TXT (this feature is exploited also by IRISMAN)
      • Plugins and SELF are stored inside the backup manager's folder.
      • Exit from the application return to the backup manager, instead of exit to XMB.
      Note: If updated using the Movian's update option, it will lose the features above and updated to the official project.

      Sometimes mM's Showtime builds show performance warning during the playback of movies that Movian don't present. I guess that this is due a difference in the compilation settings (or tools) used by andoma.​