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Movian (formerly Showtime) is a Homebrew Media Player for the PS3 (& other platforms)

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    • With Movian (formerly Showtime) you have 3 different development paths you can choose to install. The Stable builds with come around a few times a year. Or the Testing / Bleeding Edge Updates. You can choose which type of build you want to install by clicking them below and being taken to the Official Download Pages.

      • Stable
        • This development path is consider the most Stable and least likely to encounter a bug.
      • Testing
        • The testing releases are updated on a weekly basis then to contain latest features and bug fixes
      • Bleeding Edge
        • Bleeding edge follows the master branch in Git and is where all development happens. Use at your own risk! It's probably a good idea to keep in touch with the developers in #movian on Freenode or Efnet if you want to run this track.

    • Here is some additional details about a some plugins:
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