PS3 Movian [Stealth] 5.0.274

"Stealth" PKG to compliment 4.81 STARBUCKS ESPRESSO MFW

  1. atreyu187

    I made this "stealth" PKG for myself to go with @Joonie and @habib firmware I got the idea from joonie upon asking about the capabilites of the MFW itself which BTW I simply LOVE please don't let this be the last of it's type if Sony updates!!!

    Now there will be some say this isn't stealth which it isn't really just disguised as the PSN VidZone. I use it as it makes me feel a little safer using this app on my fully "legit" slim that all I want from it is Movian. SO take it or not but here it is guys. The app will even say "VidZone" upon install as I borrowed from the apps SFO file. If you want it to say for example "Movian" then un-pkg it and rename. Hope someone find it useful. I used the latest build of Movian to date as of Valentine's Day 2017 (02/14/2017), yes that is today go get your lady something nice and watch "My Bloody Valentine" as I am with my sweet using this poor excuse of a stealth app on my PS3.

    Note there "mirrors" that use the logo above in Mediafire and Mega flavors as well. Its to compliment my Red/Black theme but the rest are all the standard Movian logo.