PS3 MultiEmu Downloader - Automatically Download Emulators for HAN 0.1

Tool that makes your life easier by packing all roms, emulators and making ISO for you

  1. NiHuShu
    MultiEmu Downloader is an easy way to download MultiEmu. It downloads the newest version of RetroArch and creates ISO with your roms and emulators. You just need to convert ISO to PS2Classic and resign it, yes it is that simple.
    Thanks to everyone involved in PS3 hacking scene

    So now when HEN came out my tool is kinda pointless but if for some reason you still want to use HAN or you just don't know how to use HEN there's more "noob" friendly solution

      • Download THIS file
      • Extract it somewhere
      • Put your roms in ROMS folder
      • If you have any additional emulators then put them in EMULATORS folder
      • Run MultiEmu Downloader.exe
      • Follow instructions in the app
      • That's all (I might make video tutorial if it's too complicated :D)

    FCEUmm - Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator
    NeoPop - NeoGeo Pocket Emulator
    PGEN - Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Emulator
    PSMS Reloaded - Sega Master System Emulator
    ReGBA and TempGBA - Game Boy Advance Emulator
    RetroArch - A Multi Emulator
    SNES Station - Super Nintendo Emulator
    Wonderstation - Wonder Swan Emulator
    Probably never going to be possible :(

    • Add rest of emulator (I'm going to do it soon)
    • Make it look better
    • Make it full auto (automatical conversion to PS2Classic and auto-resign)
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