PS3 Mysis (POC) Gameplay Recording Plugin

A multi-feature plugin that offers GamePlay Recording, XMB Screenshot and other abilities.

  1. mysis

    • So here we got a major improvement in point of compatibility to gameplay recording.

      • PS3 Games
      • PSP Games/Minis
      • PS1 Games
      • PlayView

      Some might encounter audio stuttering, you could try to workaround them by switching from high to good quality.

      While recording Ingame XMB gets switched to some older version, as if you were holding ps-button a little bit longer. The plugin will recognize this and stop recording, so no need to press R3 to stop this time - it will happen automatically as soon as it recognizes it popped up.

      For secureFileId, simply hold R1 as if you would want to get klicensee, it will enable the catcher and will retrieve the id once an savegame is accessed. Catcher will automatically disabled afterwards. You will find all information (File + secureFileId) in log file.

      Also, sorry no sources this time.

    • Version - *Experimental* "Nakamura"

      Whats changed:

      Recording now:

      • Portal 2
      • The Evil Within (tested 360p)
      • Uncharted 2
      • ...

      Audio problems fixed:

      • Tales of Xillia and prolly others too
      • Tekken 6

      Games i still didnt get working:

      • Fifa 14
      • GTA5
      • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed™
      • Tekken Tag Tournament 2

      /you have to thank NeoZero for suggesting this option


      Gameplay recording:

      • Alot more PS3 games recording now + PSP Games/Minis + PlayView + PS1 Games (via MM)
      • Switched from game memory container to custom 5-7 MB memory container
      • Added quality selection (Right Analog Stick):
        • Hold Up: high quality (MJPEG Encoder + 1280x720 Resolution), bigger file size (.avi),7 MB
        • Hold Left : quality (MJPEG Encoder + 640x368 Resolution), bigger file size (.avi), 5 MB - (works with save game utility, thx neozero)
        • Hold Down good quality (M4HD Encoder + 640x368 Resolution), smaller file size (.mp4),6 MB
        • Note: (Default: High quality, change BEFORE start recording)
      • Hold R3: Recording start
      • Press PS-Button: Recording Stop
      • Note: Recording will stop and notify automatically after ps-button is pressed. It is not advised to use high/good quality with save game utility or with other plugins while recording! Feel free to report more tested games at:
      • Added to R1-Button
        • Dump current Disc Hash Key
        • Enable Secure File ID catcher
      • Note: secureFileId is caught once enabled and a savegame loaded afterwards

    • NOTE: Installing this pkg will vanish your current dev_hdd0/game/PRXLOADER folder, and its current content. So don't install if you already have PRXLOADER installed, or backup your files first if you previously recorded something.

      What is this?

      Additional files to keep your XMB clean, without ugly corrupt icon. Mentioned icon will appear when you create dev_hdd0/game/PRXLOADER folder needed for recording, and rebuilt database. This pkg will create it for you, and add nice icon in XMB.

      Original source:
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