PS2 NeoPop/ps2 0.10

is a port of Neopop v0.71, a portable "NeoGeo Pocket (Color)" emulator.

  1. kozarovv


    • Neopop/Ps2 is a port of Neopop, a portable "NeoGeo Pocket (Color)" emulator.

      Disclaimer / Licence

      This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
      it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
      the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
      (at your option) any later version. See also the license.txt file for
      additional informations.
      - In addition you agree that you will not distribute this program with
      commercial rom images in any form.


      PS2 v0.10

      - first public release
      - use Core version 0.71
    • Current Features:
      • High compatibilty (identical to the original)
      • PAL/NTSC auto-detection
      • HOST/CD/MC/HDD support
      • Loads games from everywhere !
      • Ingame menu

      Current Issues:
      • emulation is not fullspeed
      • Sound Issues (due to slow emulation speed)
      • GUI/browser is bugged

      To-do list:
      • Improve speed
      • Zip Support
      • Flash Support
      • Save State
      • Screenshot support (in the rom browser)
      • more ?

      If you would like a feature that is not listed above, please
      contact me with your idea (see below).

    • General requirements :

      Supported roms extension are :

      * CDROM/MC :
      - Put your roms in a directory at the root of you CD / MC
      - Burn it (if on CD)
      - Launch the emu, it's done !
      -> filename are limited to 32 characters on the MC (including extension)

      * HDD
      - Create a valid partition with a filesystem where to put your roms
      - Copy them into it (be sure to put them in the root directly)
      - Launch the emu, select [HDD] in the browser
      - Enjoy !

      * HOST :
      The emulator can load rom from host, in order to use this, put a file
      named "romlist.ini" where is located the elf and containing :
      ...according to where you put your roms. for example:

      PDroms\Manic Miner V1.0 by Lindon Dodd (PD).npc;

      in the above examples the roms will need to be located under a "PDroms" directory, respecting to where the elf is located. so :

      \PDroms\Manic Miner V1.0 by Lindon Dodd (PD).npc

      note :
      - When using host loading you won't have access to your mc/cd/hdd
      - HDD is only available if you have a HDD installed and formatted.
      - the Browser only support one level directory
      - With HDD, the roms need to located in the root of your partition.
      Partition must be valid and created with a filesystem
      - There is some problem with refreshing CD content when changing CD
      in the browser (just choose the old one / back and it should force refresh)
      - The browser won't enter a directory/partition if it doesn't find any rom
      inside (should add a warning msg).

      The rom browser will allow you to switch from mc/cdrom/hdd to mc/cdrom/hdd ..

    • In-game controls:

      PS2 - NEOPOP
      Arrows = A/D-Pad
      Left stick = A/D-Pad
      Cross = Button A
      Circle = Button B
      Square = Button C
      Start = Start
      Select = Ingame Menu

      In-game Menu:

      - Resume : Go back to current game
      - Display : Change the display (original size, double, fullscreen)
      - Filter : Video filter (Nearest or Linear) with certain games, Linear filter is needed to correct some effect caused by the fullscreen video option.
      - FPS Counter : Display the framerate note that FPS is NOT accurate when frameskip is ON
      - Frameskip : Enable / Disable frameskip It enable a frameskip of 1, that is more than enough.
      - Sound : Turn sound on/off
      - Soft Reset : Reset emulation
      - Browser : return to the rom browser

      Additionaly by holding [Select] when in the ingame menu, you can change
      the screen position using the directional pad.
    • Credits: (in no particular order)

      neopop_uk - For the neopop emulator, please see original readme
      for full original credits.
      7not6 - For his precious help on debugging the cpu cores
      Drakonite - triple buffering idea, and lots of talk ;)
      <G> - GUI background/artwork.
      CC Team - for support and sponsoring.
      Hyriu - LibCDVD.
      Vzzrzzn, Sjeep - GfxPipe lib.
      Sjeep, Lukasz Bruun - Original (i)Sjpcm lib.
      PS2-Scene - For hosting
      PS2DEV - As all this won't be possible without the PS2SDK !
      Everyone Else - Thanks for taking an interest....
      If I forgot to mention someone in the credits, please let me know.