PSP Nintendo DS- DSonPSP 0.7 (kayliah edition) 2016-08-24

Nintendo DS- DSonPSP 0.7 (kayliah edition) -YoshiHiro

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by YoshiHiro

    • Nintendo DS emulator for the PSP.

    • ...:::BETA 7:::...
      SpeedUP again
      use L & R for touch the screen
      Cursor added with 2 colors Black or white.
      frameskip set a 2 by default
      Fixe FPS counter aswell
      source code will be added on svn as soon !!!

      ...:::BETA 6:::...
      SpeedHack ARM9VBLANK
      Fixed Glich bug inside many game some wierd cubes
      Fix Game lag Freeze like in Yoshi island
      Save game fixe now Bleach Ds work and many other .
      Source code updated :).

      ...:::BETA 5:::...
      Removed vertical screen mode but i've added the screen swap
      added language support now working.
      GU support added.
      Very nice Speedup now many gamre are really playable .
      Fixed when you nds games freeze your psp .
      Source Code Added For PSP not cleanned.

      ...:::BETA 4:::...
      More Fixe game freeze.
      Source Code For PSP not cleanned.

      ...:::BETA 3:::...
      Updated GPU ,MMU, DMA ,RTC and Branch stuffs.
      Speed up like in DBZ2 to 15fps on old release run at 7fps
      updated gfx3d core from DeSmume core 9.4;
      Added debug information like that you can give your results when your games freeze.
      removed CPU Ratio Hack .

      ...:::BETA 2:::...
      Added setting:
      Screen Vertical needed for some games like pinball or football
      speed delimiter
      CPU Ratio Hack

    • Button :

      UP = UP
      DOWN = DOWN
      LEFT = LEFT
      CIRCLE = A
      CROSS = B
      TRIANGLE = X
      SQUARE = Y
      R = R
      L = L
      NOTE = touchscreen click
      ANALOG = Touchscreen direction

    • [​IMG]

    • Thanks for the beta test animatheque , Sektor , and Kkrat0s76 , and the icons