PS2 Nintendo (FCEUltra) 0.90i 2016-09-28

Nintendo Emulator (best speeds and compatibility) -bootsector

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by bootsector

    • Nintendo emulator for the PS2.

    • :. CD/DVD support added.

      :. Several bugfixes, turning it as stable as official 0.92 version.

      :. Using same color palette as of version 0.92 (AspiringSquire's NES Color Palette)

      :. Fixed palette bug (Felix the Cat with weird colors)

      :. NTSC video output quality improvements

      :. Supporting analog pads

      :. And much more...

    • Written originally by ragnarok2040, its development was stopped at version 0.92.

      The public available source code was from version 0.90.

      It is now as stable as official 0.92 version.

    • [​IMG]

    • ragnarok2040
      (for the original port, and for releasing the source to make this fork possible)