App for PSVita to read manga or comic

  1. STLcardsWS
    developed by Creckeryop


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      App for PSVita to read manga or comic
      All issues with parsers should be in this repo
      - There is a lot of problems with performance, i don't think i can solve 'em all


      • At least 10-20 MB memory (for online reading) or more (for offline reading)
      Data structure:
      ux0:data/noboru/cache/ - folder that holds cached manga info (also history)
      ux0:data/noboru/chapters/ - folder that holds chapters saved
      ux0:data/noboru/parsers/ - folder for parsers
      ux0:data/noboru/save.dat - library savefile
      ux0:data/noboru/c.c - saved chapters info
      ux0:data/noboru/settings.ini - application settings​

      You can simply delete noboru folder to reset all settings

      • Browsing manga sites
      • Searching
      • Build-in updater
      • Reading manga (with Vertical or Horizontal mode!)
      • MultiTouch, Swipes and other touch things
      • Adding manga to library
      • Loading longpages (webmanga) without downscaling (thanks to my piclib)
      • Multilanguage
      • Reading without network (Offline mode !!Don't forget to add manga in library!! (you can also check History tab))
      screenshot5.png screenshot3.png

    • TODO:

      • CBZ, CBR(don't think i will add cbr) or folder with images import support
      • Settings for parserlist (sorting by languages or else, hide some)
      • Notify user if no space left
      • More languages
      • Sort chapters by 1->N or N->1
      • Add option to cache images of current reading chapter (it will boost loading of pages you suddenly skipped)
      • Add new way of controls for changing page (DPAD)
      • Add up to down scroll
      Known issues:

      Issue Download freezes if you go sleeping mode, and after that app need in restarting to enable downloading
      Advice Please don't shut vita screen untill blue LED turns off. I hope i'll find better solution

    • screenshot1.png

      Q: I found bug that ...
      A: You can create issue here, give screenshot with error or error file

      Q: Is it safe to use?
      A: I'm really don't know, i don't visit any of not NOBORU app folders

      Q: How to view debug console?

      Q: App crashes with...
      A: Again, create issue here

      Q: Reader doesn't load some images
      A: Please create Issue and describe how you come to this (Parser you used, Manga, Chapter and page)

      Q: I downloaded app and can't see any parsers
      A: Press Triangle to update parser list, so if that won't help create issue here