VITA / PS TV Notepad Vita v1.0

Note taking app for PS Vita & PlayStation TV

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    Notepad Vita 1.0
    by VitaHEX Games

    • Notepad Vita is a simple note-taking app for the PS Vita. Notepad Vita uses both the touch screen and the buttons to navigate the menus with a clean and modern look.

      On the left side you can see a list with all your notes and on the right side the preview of the selected note.

      It supports multi-line keyboard for easy note editing.
      Your notes are saved in ux0:/data/Notes/ in .txt format.

      Developed by VitaHEX games.

      - Rinnegatamante for Lua Player Plus​

    • As of v1.0

      • Modern looking interface with high quality graphics
      • Touch screen and buttons support for easy navigation
      • On-screen multi-line keyboard support
      • Notes are saved in .txt format
      • List with all your notes with ability to view/edit/delete

      • Navigate the notes list using the up/down keys.
      • Scroll the active note's text using the right stick
      • Cross or tapping inside the text on the right side to Edit
      • Square to Create a new note
      • Triangle to Delete the selected note

    VitaHEX Games
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