Lua interpreter from PSP ported to VITA. Allows Lua Language to be ran on your device.

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    • ONELua is a multiplatform project designed to facilitate programming for both programmers and those who are not, with the arrival of Henkaku by Team Molecule, finally vita was accessible and any user could use Homebrew's, at that time we decided that it was time to port ONElua and create a full version for PlayStation Vita.
      Because it is still in the early vitasdk, lack of samples, time required to perform all the coding and testing personally, so the first version comes with such a delay from the onset of henkaku.
      Here are the main functions of ONElua for PSP but of course, with new and special functions for PSVita.

      This first release includes a number of samples that we believe will facilitate the use of its functions, as is customary in our website, you can find the binary and all documentation about built-in functions and usage details.

      It incorporates some small but useful samples, launched from a simple menu, and contains a beta file explorer.

      In the official web you can Download ONEmaker:
      We include a necessary and very useful thing for creating your own VPKs of ONElua and so you can incorporate all the necessary files that are part of your own homebrew tool.

      We expect more competitors enter the competition using ONElua ! :)

      Special thanks:
      Xerpi -
      Fixed a bug more chatting with, as well as the help of his library vita2d.
      TheFlow - Package installer based on his work.
      Team Molecule - For their great work with Henkaku.

    • Version 1R0

      Actually ONElua Vita it has the following main features:
      • Added possibility to Install/Update/Uninstall Homebrew's in vpk format.
      • Added the possibility to load maps (tiles) and draw.
      • Added the possibility to load ttf or pgf fonts.
      • Added the possibility to load a default font: onefont.pgf if there alongside our EBOOT.BIN, otherwise load the default font. Simply place the source properly renamed onefont.pgf and thus the eboot of ONElua can start our Homebrew with this default Font.
      • Added the possibility to stop or abort processes in the callback, check the Callbacks section for more information.
      • Added the Lua Bit library that allows level operations bit by bit.
      • Added several 'PATCH' to extend the syntax of lua, examples:
        • C Type operations: "sum: +=, subtraction:-=, multiplication: *=, division: /=, power: ^=, mod: %=, different: !=, division does not float: \"
        • C bit operations: "and: &, or: |, not: ~, shift left: <<, right shift: >>"
        • Operations continue, "skips a cycle", in any loop.

    • • Battery
      • Buttons
      • Color
      • Draw
      • Files
      • Font
      • FTP
      • Game
      • Hardware
      • HTTP
      • Image
      • Ini
      • Maps
      • OS
      • OSK
      • Power
      • Screen
      • Socket
      • Splash
      • Timer
      • Wlan

      1. Download the executable ONElua for Vita. Both the executable These documents are updated as soon as functionalities are added, so it is Advisable to use only our links.
      2. Inside the package you will download contains the executable application packaging and ONEmaker That is responsible for creating the vpk for developed application.
      3. Inside the ONEmaker folder is a folder called homebrew within this folder should place the most recent Eboot.bin of ONElua Vita, as well as any files you want to include in the project. In this same folder to place a file called script.lua, which will be the basis of any project.
      4. Once you have all your files ready project, you must run the packer.bat is in ONEmaker, this will prompt a title for your project (This is the area visible in the live legend), then it will prompt an ID this must be exactly nine alphanumeric digits in mayus, once inserted both fields, a new vpk with the title you entered is created, that is the homebrew completed.
      5. For more detailed installation instructions VPK homebrew's in Henkaku visit page official .
      6. Note: All files in the homebrew are accessed through the route "app0:/" where serious root where the script.lua, remember to call the dofiles with full path to avoid bugs, load of images and sources not require full path (for app0).
      Whenever you work with scripts is advisable to ensure that they are encoded in UTF-8, otherwise special characters (accents and ñ for example) are not displayed.
      Remember that direct routes related to the running application can not be altered, only allow reading, these routes are: app0:/ & ux0:/app/id/.