PS2 OPL CFG Editor 0.0.2-r11

OPL CFG Editor was created to manage CFG files for ISO's you do not currently have extracted

  1. VTSTech

    OPL CFG Editor was created to manage CFG files for ISO's you do not currently have extracted.

    Additionally the main feature to export all CFG files into a single CSV file and also import and create CFG files from a single CSV file was another main reason this project exists.

    Now you can scroll thru and update your CFG all at once quickly, and then write them all with a few clicks.

    To use:

    Click on 'CFG Folder' to get started. Will create a cached list of all your CFG's and restart.

    Nothing is written while viewing unless you check 'Write Mode' - Then clicking either arrow will write the file.

    Quick Scroll with the 'Current' drop down or just select a specific Game ID

    Cover Support as of r03
    Export CSV Support as of r05.
    Import CSV Support as of r07

    Expected CSV Format

    Game ID;Name;Region;Release Date;Genre;Developer;Publisher;Players;Aspect;Scan;ESRB;PEGI;CERO;BBFC;DEJUS;ELSPA;ESRA;OFLC;USK;Box Text;Video Mode;Compat Mode;Cheat Engine;VMC0;VMC1;GSM;Hpos;Vpos;SkipVideo;Devices;DMA;CBT;Notes
    SLUS-20210;18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker;NTSC-U;11-14-2001;Racing;Acclaim Entertainment;Sega;2;;;E;;;;;;;;;Get behind the wheel Of a 60 foot Long, 20 ton, 18 - wheeled beast..;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    OPL CFG Editor Changelog
    Written by VTSTech
    v0.0.2-r11 05-03-2019 1:25:30AM
    Should now only write Description once during Import
    v0.0.2-r10 04-28-2019 2:51:30AM
    Now limits Title to 255 characters
    Entering Title or Description longer than 255 characters no longer possible in GUI
    Write Mode control now changes color with state
    Clicking 'Current' label now copies serial to clipboard
    Added $Compatibility Detection for:
    v0.0.2-r09 04-28-2019 12:18:25AM
    Now limits Description to 255 characters
    Added $Compatibility=69 detection
    Bump version to v0.0.2
    v0.0.1-r08 04-28-2019 12:04:02AM
    Added $Compatibility Detection for:
    v0.0.1-r07 04-27-2019 7:41:48PM
    Import CSV function implemented!
    Doesn't overwrite existing fields
    Doesn't import empty
    v0.0.1-r06 04-27-2019 12:12:33AM
    Added Notes support (Detection/Saving/Export)
    Reorganized a few controls
    Added $Compatibility=100 detection
    v0.0.1-r05 04-26-2019 10:50:37PM
    Export CSV function implemented!
    Reorganized controls yet again
    v0.0.1-r04 04-26-2019 6:59:01PM
    Added More Cover support.
    Now can display back, spine and disc
    Reorganized controls slightly
    Fixed: CallbackTimer now detected correctly
    v0.0.1-r03 04-26-2019 4:32:01PM
    Added Cover support.
    v0.0.1-r02 04-26-2019 2:09:38PM
    Added Changelog
    Added PSX-Place link
    Added OPL Daily Builds link
    Added link
    Fixed: Supported devices now saved accurately
    v0.0.1-r01 04-26-2019 6:40:15AM
    First release.

Recent Updates

  1. r11 update