PS2 OPL Manager - Tool to manage your games! 21.6

Tool to manage your games

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    • With this tool managing your OPL game collection was never so easy!

      With just some clicks you can:
      • fix/change iso files names
      • download game cover,disc, and screen-shots (batch and per game)
      • clean your art folder for unused art
      • Edit Cheat Files

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    • Latest Changelogs:

      21.5 (2019-06-22):
      *Fix Excel opening CSV incorrectly (Separator character)
      *Convert VCD Names - Handle duplicate IDs in file name
      *Fix random service connection issues (Could not find endpoint element)
      *Updated translations.

      Previous Updates (v21.3 - v1.0)
      21.4 (2018-12-30):
      +Added the 32 characters and special characters limitation to VCDs
      +Renaming VCD in bad ISOs tab will also rename the associated VMC folder
      *Fixed crash reading ul.cfg file if game boot file name smaller than 8 characters
      *Fixed failure to batch download art with many games
      *Updated translations. Added Bulgarian
      *Updated homepage url

      21.3 (2018-08-12):
      *Fixed crash when using OPLM without Internet connection
      *Fixed error listing HDL Dump games if DMA modes enabled
      *Fixed annoying message boxes with long file names
      +Added support to drag & drop art OUT of OPLM Art Manager
      +Added option in Batch ART Download to allow replacement of existing ART
      +Added support to select VMC Size and browse existing VMC in CFG Editor
      +Added a background color to the VMC file name to indicate if it exists
      +Added tip to run OPLM as administrator when using HDL Dump.
      *Synced translations with OneSky. Help translate here:

      21.2 (2018-03-16):
      *Changed background color of ART Report image to gray
      *Fixed crash in Batch Art Share when clicking Copy LOG
      *Fixed missing text in multiple places
      *Updated translations

      21.1 (2018-03-10):
      +Added support to search for POPS folder at the root of the device
      *Fixed bug in game list where a POPS game would show incorrect CHT status
      *Updated translations
      -Removed PS1 ID from CFG Editor and CFG files (not needed anymore)

      21.0 (2018-03-07):
      *Changed OPL icon created by Jay-Jay
      *Changed POPS support.
      Now it searches for the VCD files. Before it was the ELF files.
      The VCD files should be named the same way as PS2 ISOs.
      Example: SLES_014.04.Grand Theft Auto 2.VCD
      +Added tool to help rename the VCDs with the game ID.
      +Added support for LOGO (LGO) ART
      *Minor rearrangements in the Art Manager UI
      +Added option to not share art for selected games
      *Fixed UI bug in the PS2 Cheat Editor
      *Improved image caching system
      *Fixed minor bug in Tools ISO Converter
      +Added support for PS1 ART sharing
      +Added button to fetch game title in the CFG Editor
      -Removed the ICO/COV edit feature from the Main Window.
      Please use the ART Manager to do it instead.
      +Added a PS1 Cheat Editor
      +Added Text equivalents of multiple CFG properties
      (AspectText, DeviceText, ParentalText, PlayersText, RatingText, ScanText, VmodeText)
      *Fixed OPL Simulator to properly show PS1 games
      *Updated languages
      *Fixed crash when deseleting a game in the game list
      *Removed the auto-close of the Batch Art Share window
      *Redirected all the HDL Dump debug output to a file: hdl_dump.txt
      *Fixed the refresh game list in HDL mode not working
      +Added the option to use other HDL Dump versions: 86,90,92.
      Default is version 92
      Version 86 is compatible with OPL built in HDL server
      You can find the server ELF's in the lib folder.

      20.0 (2016-08-03):
      *Fixed crash with UL games that have nonstandard game id.
      *Changed the default iso format to the old one.
      *Minor GUI arrangement changes on Manage Arts interface.
      *Updated languages.
      *Users now are always tracked by a unique identifier--this is required to keep track of the art uploads and provide further assistance when users report bad ART or etc.

      19.0 (2017-04-24):
      -Removed obsolete option to download ART from OPL server.
      +Warn about long game titles
      +Added new OPLM default art
      *Fixed more issues when using screen scaling.
      *Changed the version name scheme.
      *Fixed strange game id's in UL format crashing OPLM.
      *Fixed fetch title from db with special characters.

      18.0 (2016-12-30):
      *Fixed file in use when using new iso file name format.
      *Art Reports now are required to have a explanation.
      *Fixed multiple issues when using screen scaling.
      *Fixed a bug in ART Manager, where the art returned by the
      server didn't match the current selected game.
      +Added a feature that tries to emulate OPL on PC.
      Requires compatible themes. One theme by Jay-Jay included.
      OPL Themes can be ported easily. Uses XML for theme CFG.
      +Added support to recognize POPS elf in POPS folder.
      +Added support to edit CFG for POPS games.
      +Added tool to install any elf to the APPS folder.
      +Added support to drag cover & disc images out of OPLM.
      +Added support to change between old/new iso naming format.
      +Added support for game cover spine (LAB).
      +Added character limit in multiple input boxes in CFG Editor.
      +Added game title (from OPLM DB) to ART report window.
      +Increased Game CFG version to 4.
      +Added Modes setting to CFG Editor and CFG Update.
      +Added Sports Genre to CFG Editor.
      +Added some Cheat Devices to CFG Editor.
      +Added feature to remember the main window splitter position.
      +Added link to facebook and official website.

      17.0 (2015-11-07):
      +Added support for iso files with only game name
      *Fixed incorrect game size order
      *Changed system to cache hdl games
      *Fixed failing to create VMC
      *Updated Translations

      16.0 (2015-08-31):
      +Added support for locally connected PS2 HDD
      +Added support to export game list to CSV file.
      +Added a button to get game name from DB on bad iso's tab
      +Added a ART Report function
      +Added DMA Mode to CFG Editor
      +Added GSM settings to CFG Editor
      +Added Color background behind the Disc image
      +Added more game Genres to CFG Editor
      +Added more V-Mode options to CFG Editor
      *Fixed Batch download failing with MANY games >500
      *Fixed Batch download always downloading the backgrounds
      *Fixed Batch download not remembering settings.
      *Fixed Batch share start button not enabling.
      *Fixed titles with >32 characters not getting detected as bad
      *Fixed crash if the ISO file was invalid/corrupt
      *Changed CFG Editor Region to V-Mode
      *Joined USB and Normal mode
      *Fixed ELPSA rating
      *Fixed infinite loop if wrong OPL folder selected

      15.0 (2015-06-05):
      *Fixed sorting reseting when closing any of the sub window
      *Fixed re-focus game list after closing a sub window
      *Changed from 7Zip to .NET DiscUtils to get gameID from the ISO
      *Fixed wrong title for "Share ART" screen
      *Changed Batch Art Download to download all type of ART
      *Fixed again, getting the games with HDL Dump
      *New server communication protocol
      +New FTP file sync to PS2
      +Tool to create ISOs from CD/DVD and other image files
      +New Game ART Manager! Old one kept just in case.
      +Support for USB Extreme/Advance (ul.cfg) games!

      14.0 (2014-12-13):
      *Fixed crash when renaming a game in bad iso tab...
      *Fixed network mode not deleting games
      *Fixed game listing performance with many games
      *Added Italian and Russian translations

      13.0 (2014-10-26):
      *Fixed crash when using some functions without any games
      *Fixed some confusion with some ratings systems
      *Cleaned a lot of unused code
      *Fixed a lot of bad programming
      *Fixed checking invalid ART size before upload
      +Added ELSPA rating
      +Added support to manage games with hdl server and ftp (WIP)
      +Added Chinese and French translations

      12.0 (2014-07-15):
      +Now multi-language
      +New Language: Portuguese (pt)
      +New Language: Spanish (es)
      +Cheat Editor
      *Added new genres to CFG Editor
      *Fix error when game title had invalid characters
      *Rearranged CFG Editor GUI

      11.0 (2014-05-16):
      +Anonymous app usage data. (can opt-out)
      +ART and SCR count on status bar.
      *Option to disable auto update check on startup
      *Fixed CFG Editor players text size
      *Fixed file-browser default file name

      10.0 (2014-05-09):
      *Fixed Screen-shot browser crash

      9.0 (2014-05-02):
      +Game Hasher MD5
      *Fixed VMC wrong filename (.bin.bin)

      8.0 (2014-04-29):
      +Auto update checker
      +Game List Order
      *Batch screen-shot recode for better efficiency
      *Fixed crashes ps2linux is off-line
      *Removed lost button in cfg upgrade window

      7.0 (2014-04-22):
      *Fixed asking to create vmc when it already exists
      *Fixed having to wait a moment between screen-shot upload, otherwise a error would show up
      +Added batch screen-shot sharing!

      6.0 (2014-04-22):
      +CFG Editor!!
      +VMC creator (inside cfg editor)
      +Support for screen-shots!
      +Filter game list
      +Ability to double click a game and launch some app
      +Added a handy button to open the OPL folder in windows explorer!
      +Added support for my own art database

      5.0 (2014-03-06):
      +Batch Cover and Disc downloading!
      +Cleaner for ART folder!
      +Now checks if theres ART CD DVD folders on startup!

      4.0 (2014-03-04):
      +Cover and disk icon downloading!
      +Now checks if ALL iso's file extension is .iso lowercase

      3.0 (2014-03-03):
      +ISO renaming!
      +Now detects bad named iso's on startup!

      2.0 (2014-03-01):
      *Fixed crash selecting OPL folder in XP
      *Fixed File=>Exit button not working
      *Fixed Settings=>Set OPL folder not working
      +Added global stats
      +Added "Type" column to game list

      1.0 (2014-03-01):
      *First release

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