PS2 OPL-PORT -Atari 5200 (Jum52) UniqueUserName's MOD 2016-09-28

Atari 5200 Emulator OPL ready ISO -UniqueUserName

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by James Higgs (Jum)

    • Atari 5200 emulator for the PS2.

      Download includes a Compatitbility List with the currently working 62 games, as well as pertinent instructions and more.

    • Pre-configured FILES.TXT file to match new configuration.

      Removed the DOS 8.3 8-character filename-limit.

      Removed the need for multiple ROMS-folders.

      Tested for compatibility with use in OPL.

      Configured noob-friendly to work with OPL.

      Updated README + Instructions in 2016 for the newer technology.

    • Dual-Shock Controls:

      START 5200 Start button
      SELECT Go to Options Menu
      TRIANGLE 5200 * button
      SQUARE 5200 # button

      Player 1:
      D-PAD Up/Down/Left/Right
      X Fire
      O Trigger ("fire 1")
      R2 Side button ("fire 2")
      L1 Keypad button 1
      L2 Keypad button 2
      R1 Keypad button 3

    • [​IMG]

    • THANKS TO:

      James Higgs (Jum is THE MAN! and author of Jum52):
      (for waaay too many reasons to list here).
      (seriously, I would need to make another readme to list it all).

      Dan Boris (author of VSS and V7800):
      (for infos).

      Ron Fries:
      (for POKEY emu).

      Neil Bradley:
      (for 6502 emu).

      (for helpful comments and other stuff).

      Christpher Durante:
      (for useful input).

      Richard Bannister:
      (for cross-platform conversion and Mac version).

      Sjeep & Bigboy:
      (for the PS2 stuff).

      Duke/NPM & ppl:
      (from #psx2dev).

      (for remaking the FILES.TXT file to match new configuration).
      (for removing the DOS 8.3 8-character filename-limit).
      (for removing the need for multiple ROMS-folders).
      (for compatibility testing with use in OPL).
      (for configuring it noob-friendly to work with OPL).
      (for updating this README/adding upto date instructions).

      ...And any other people who contributed, or complained...