PS2 OPL-PORT -Beats Of Rage (OpenBOR) Neill Corlett's MOD 2016-09-27

Beats Of Rage OpenBOR OPL ready ISO -Neill Corlett

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by Neill Corlett

    • PS2BOR emulator for the PS2... which is a port of OpenBOR.

      OpenBOR is the Beats Of Rage engine (think Streets Of Rage).

      NOTE: This package should be used specifically with the Homebrew "GAMENAME" in the title of the ISO downloaded... as only one game per emulator is allowed with this version... game to be re-labeled as "bor.pak".

    • OpenBOR is the open source continuation of Beats of Rage, a Streets of Rage tribute game originally developed by Senile Team.

      In the years since it has grown into arguably the single most powerful two dimensional sprite based engine in the world and certainly the most versatile.

      While intended to allow creation of side scrolling beat em’ ups like Double Dragon or Final Fight, the engine is also capable of replicating Shumps, RPGs, platformers and the like.

      A built in scripting engine allows authors to take it even further, making imagination the only real limit.

      See for more details and to download the latest versions.

    • [​IMG]

    • ========== ADDING YOUR OpenBOR GAME-PAK TO THE ISO, TO PLAY IT WITH OPL IN 2016 ==========
      NOTE: These instructions only apply to the OpenBOR zips found here.
      -----Things you will need:

      1. OPL v0.9.3 (and a way to run it), PS2, and a Computer...

      2. Any of my "BOR" ISOs.
      (pre-set-up ports for OPL)

      3. Games (an "OpenBOR" game, renamed as "bor.pak"... ONLY-One Per-ISO).
      (you must ALWAYS supply your own Game-Pak)

      4. UltraISO.
      (an invaluable program you should have anyways)

      5. Time- A few minute learning curve the first time.
      (after that, it shouldnt even take a whole minute)

      1. "OPEN" the ISO with "UltraISO".
      (resize its-window to the left-half of your screen)

      2. "NAVIGATE" to where you have your "games" stored.
      (resize folder-window to the right-half of your screen)

      3. "RENAME" the game you would like to ADD, as "bor.pak".
      (LOWERCASE, it most likely matters)

      4. "HIGHLIGHT" the RENAMED game you would like to "add".
      (to prepare for copying it to the ISO)

      5. "DRAG+DROP" your game into the ROOT of the ISO.
      (while holding-down the Left-Mouse-Button)

      6. Click "FILES" Tab > "Properties", make sure "UDF" + "ISO9660" are checked.
      (in UltraISO obviously... setting it as default, ONLY defaults for each ISO individually)

      7. Click "OK".
      (OR press "ENTER")

      8. "Close" UltraISO.
      (RED "X" Tab, in upper-right corner of its-window)

      9. Click "YES", when the "Save-Changed-File" box appears.
      (OR press "ENTER")

      10. "MOVE" the CONTENTS, of ALL folders in the zip, to where its !FOLDERNAME! says.
      (ONLY the CONTENTS of the folder, NOT any !FOLDER ITSELF!)

      11. "BOOT" OPL, and Launch your game from whatever menu corresponds to your device.
      (ISO goes in "CD" folder on ROOT of USB... OR treat as a PS2 game if used in IHD)


      -UniqueUserName @ PSX-SCENE @ PSX-PLACE

    • Senile Team - Creating the Steets Of Rage tribute game dubbed "Beats Of Rage".

      Chrono Crash - THE OpenBOR website, Developers, and projects.

      Neill Corlett - Porting OpenBOR to the PS2.

      UniqueUserName - Creating/Compatibility-Testing the OPL-PORT ISO image, writing Noob-Friendly Tutorial/Manual, adding OPL Background Art, and putting together the rest of the "pre-configured" package (which you are currently viewing).