PS2 OPL-PORT -Colecovision (ColemPS2 1.0beta) deba5er's MOD 2016-09-28

Colecovision Emulator OPL ready ISO (version 1.0beta) -deba5er

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by James Higgs (Jum)

    • Colecovision emulator for the PS2.

      A modded in 2016 version of Jum's PS2 port of the "COLEM" Colecovision emulator.

      This version is modded to run from OPL as a PS2 game image ISO.
      It has been tested with many game images and almost all run fine.
      I'd say about 80% of the games are playable.

      ...and it plays a few that the newest versions wont...
      Such as Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show and Yolks On You.

    • Now OPL bootable.

    • You cannot play any games that use the Roller Controller (Trackball) or the Steering Wheel in this version.

      Please check out version 2.0 for those added features and a much, much better compatiblity ratio and overall experience.

    • [​IMG]

    • ColemPS2 is (heavily) based on Marat Fayzullin's "Colem" "portable" Colecovision emulator source code, so thankful credits are due to Marat.

      Credits to the writers of the Colecovision tech docs, and the writers of the MESS Colecovision source code.

      Thanks to deba5er for modding this wonderful emulator to work in the OPL environment in ISO form.

      Many thanks to madcow (UniqueUserName) for motivating me to update ColemPS2, and for all his testing, glitch reports, and feedback.

      Thanks to Guichi for the menu/select screen backdrop art. His name is off the bottom of the screen in NTSC mode.

      Greets to all psx devers and ps2 devers.