PS2 OPL-PORT -Colecovision (ColemPS2 2.0) UniqueUserName's MOD 2016-09-28

Colecovision Emulator OPL ready ISO (version 2.0) -UniqueUserName

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by James Higgs (Jum)

    • Colecovision emulator for the PS2.

      An updated in 2016 version of Jum's PS2 port of the "COLEM" Colecovision emulator.

      This version is coded to run from OPL as a PS2 game image ISO.
      It has been tested with many game images and almost all run fine.
      I'd say about 95% of the games are playable.

      A Compatibility List is included with the download, as well as pertinent instructions for naming structure and more.

    • 1. Tidied up the rom selector

      2. Removed extension (.ROM) from being displayed in ROM selector

      3. Merge in updates from Colem 3.6 source code

      4. Fixes to magnified sprite rendering

      5. Modified to work better in NTSC mode.

      6. Render 5th sprite (DigDug title screen)

      7. Fix to noise channel (colem 3.6 noise code)

      8. Fix to beamrider background grid (colour 0 issue)

      9. Fix to border / backdrop colour

      10. Turbo controller emulation
      - PS2 pad "keys" mapped to Coleco 2nd controller

      11. Roller controller emulation
      - "Spinner" Slither mode
      - PS2 pad "keys" mapped to Coleco 2nd controller
      - Slither, Victory, Wargames, Omega Race, Centipede

      12. PS2 dualshock key mapping to get all Coleco keypad numbers:
      - Dualshock L1, L2, R1, R2, TRAINGLE for Coleco 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
      - SQUARE + L1, L2, R1, R2, TRIANGLE for Coleco 6, 7, 8, 9, 0
      - SELECT for Coleco *
      - START for Coleco #

      13. PS2 video mode changed to 284x240
      - "Zooms" the playfield slightly
      - Reduces borders slightly
      - Borders needed for same look at CRT TV

      14. Use R3 to get to options menu

    • =======================================
      PS2 Controller Mapping (in game):

      PS2 DS Controller = Coleco Controls
      X = Left Fire button
      O = Right Fire button
      L1 = 1 key
      L2 = 2 key
      R1 = 3 key
      R2 = 4 key
      TRIANGLE = 5 key
      SQUARE + L1 = 6 key
      SQUARE + L2 = 7 key
      SQUARE + R1 = 8 key
      SQUARE + R2 = 9 key
      SQUARE + TRIANGLE = 0 key
      START = # key
      SELECT = * key (Star key)
      R3 = Options Menu

      Press R3 to exit back to the Options screen.

      PS2 Controller Mapping (game selection menu):

      X = Choose Game
      R2 = DOWN 10 Games
      R1 = UP 10 Games
      L1 = Bi-linear Filter

      The options screen allows you to choose between 3 controller "Modes":
      Normal - For games that use the Coleco Joystick
      Turbo - For games that use the Turbo Controller (eg: Turbo -Steering Wheel)
      Slither - For games that use the Roller Controller (eg: Slither -Trackball)

    • [​IMG]

    • ColemPS2 is (heavily) based on Marat Fayzullin's "Colem" "portable" Colecovision emulator source code, so thankful credits are due to Marat.

      Credits to the writers of the Colecovision tech docs, and the writers of the MESS Colecovision source code.

      Many thanks to madcow (UniqueUserName) for motivating me to update ColemPS2, and for all his testing, glitch reports, and feedback.

      Thanks to Guichi for the menu/select screen backdrop art. His name is off the bottom of the screen in NTSC mode.

      Greets to all psx devers and ps2 devers.