PS2 OPL-PORT -Game Boy Color (InfoGB) KaylaKaze's MOD (HDD) 2016-09-28

Game Boy Color Emulator OPL ready ISO (for Internal Hard Drive) -KaylaKaze

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by KaylaKaze

    • Game Boy Color emulator for the PS2.


      This OPL-PORT ISO may seem a little tricky at first, but its actually one of the easiest to set up, and start playing.

      It WILL boot, and run fine, from USB (mass) or IHD (internal hard drive).
      HOWEVER, you canNOT store your games in the ISO, like with most other ports.
      You also, canNOT store your games on a USB device... They MUST go onto a hard drive.


      1. Add your games to the "ROMS" folder inside the "!Anywhere on IHD!" folder.
      (and transfer them to your preferred game storage location with "uLaunchElf").

      2. "MOVE" the CONTENTS, of ALL folders in the zip, to where its !FOLDERNAME! says.
      (ONLY the CONTENTS, of these special directing folders, NOT any !FOLDER ITSELF!)

      3. "BOOT" OPL, and Launch your ISO from whatever menu corresponds to your device.
      (ISO goes in "CD" folder on ROOT of USB... OR treat as a PS2 game if used in IHD)

      4. After the Emulator loads...
      (NAVIGATE and SELECT, in two steps, your Partition, and then inside the ROMS folder, where your games are stored)


      NOTE: Ive already included the settings files for the maximum allowed Screen Size, and Button Mapping.
      (you can change these from the main menu, if they are not to your liking)

      I did not include the Path-Settings file that you will have to set up manually, for your personal-choice of games storage location.

      With all the folder/files Ive included, placed where they are supposed to go, it will boot directly to the Partition-and-ROMS Folder Management Screen.
      (I set it up as noob-friendly as I could)

      Everyone will choose a different location, so I leave that upto you and your imagination/personal taste.

      -UniqueUserName @ PSX-SCENE.COM @ PSX-PLACE.COM

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