PS2 OPL-PORT -Genesis (PGEN) SP193's MOD (HDD) 2016-09-28

Sega Genesis Emulator OPL ready ISO (for Internal Hard Drive) -SP193

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by SP193

    • Sega Genesis emulator for the PS2.

      This is the HDD version.

    • Modified the IOP reset code to reset the IOP with NULL as an argument, instead of using "rom0:UDNL rom0:EELOADCNF"

    • ========== ADDING YOUR GAMES TO GENESIS ISO, TO PLAY IT WITH OPL IN 2016 ==========

      -----Things you will need:

      1. OPL v0.9.3 (and a way to run it), PS2, and a Computer...

      2. Any of my ISOs...
      (pre-set-up ports for OPL)

      3. Games.
      (you must ALWAYS supply your own Games)

      4. UltraISO.
      (an invaluable program you should have anyways)

      5. Time- A few minute learning curve the first time.
      (after that, it shouldnt even take a whole minute)


      1. "OPEN" the ISO with "UltraISO".
      (resize its-window to the left-half of your screen)

      2. "DOUBLE-CLICK" the "ROMS" folder inside the ISO.
      (to open up ROMS folder for the addition of games)

      3. "NAVIGATE" to where you have your "games" stored.
      (resize folder-window to the right-half of your screen)

      4. "HIGHLIGHT" the games you would like to "add".
      (OR Select-All with "CTRL + A")

      5. "DRAG+DROP" your games into the ROMS folder.
      (while holding-down the Left-Mouse-Button)

      6. Click "FILES" Tab > "Properties", make sure "UDF" + "ISO9660" are checked.
      (in UltraISO obviously... setting it as default, ONLY defaults for each ISO individually)

      7. Click "OK".
      (OR press "ENTER")

      8. "Close" UltraISO.
      (RED "X" Tab, in upper-right corner of its-window)

      9. Click "YES", when the "Save-Changed-File" box appears.
      (OR press "ENTER")

      NOTE: The above instructions should work for most ISOs you make yourself or find on the net... however, if youre using one of my ISOs, there is a few more steps to get all the pre-set settings and coverart/backgrounds, that I will usually include...

      -----Extra Steps:

      10. "MOVE" the CONTENTS, of ALL folders in the zip, to where its !FOLDERNAME! says.
      (ONLY the CONTENTS, of these special directing folders, NOT any !FOLDER ITSELF!)

      11. "BOOT" OPL, and Launch your ISO from whatever menu corresponds to your device.
      (ISO goes in "CD" folder on ROOT of USB... OR treat as a PS2 game if used in IHD)

      NOTE: This version CAN be booted from USB, or IHD... the only difference between the two versions, is the settings.CFG file which will direct the PS2 where to save your games.

      The HDD version will save to the internal hard drive (IHD), and the USB version will save to the memory card.


      -UniqueUserName @ PSX-SCENE.COM @ PSX-PLACE.COM

    • [​IMG]

    • Original Source that was ported to the PS2 written by James Ponder.

      Various upgrades by Bruno Freitas (bootsector).

      The new ps3 look and music was done by Samson from ps3hax.

      The modifications for the ps3 were done by aries2k